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Written by Veethi Telang

Using Automation and Integration Engine

We have successfully built some really amazing apps for your business to scale. But, we know what you’ve been thinking. “Wouldn’t it be amazing if Invanto’s many tools could work seamlessly with some of the finest external cloud-based apps in the world?

Well, we concur. And so, we topped up our “Utilities” section with a bomb of a utility called Integrations. This, let us tell you, is the real deal, as it empowers you to build and promote an actually connected business, with speed and efficiency at its core.

Through this tool, we become your coaching business’ epicenter, from where, you can connect and automate cloud applications you love. With our meticulously picked powerful logic functions, you can tag every customer based on pre-defined actions, segregate them, and quickly build workflows with effortless ease.

How does it work?

Up until now, you may have a strong base of customers – in hundreds or thousands. Say, you want start a dialogue with them via email. You integrate an autoresponder such as ActiveCampaign, Intercom, or MailerLite, and start shooting emails at various events.

But, that’s the thing – those emails, they go to all of them. Whatever communication you do, you do with every single one of them. That’s… frustrating. What if you want to pitch in an upsell offer to a select few? Or, award bonuses to only a handful of customers who reach a certain stage of consuming your product?

That, is possible once you:

Step 1. Enable your choice of integrations in your Invanto account.

Step 2. Enter the required settings for those integrations.

Step 3. Enable your choice of tags.

For example, say, you wish to send an offer of an upsell on email (via ActiveCampaign) to every customer who finishes a lesson (tag) of your MemberFactory course. Follow steps 1 through 3, and as soon as any customer completes the lesson, their details will automatically appear on your ActiveCampaign account.

And, now that you have those details, by all means, set up an email on ActiveCampaign that contains your upsell offer. It will be reserved only for customers who have gone through and completed a lesson.

Allow us to explain the steps in detail:

Step 1: Enable Integrations

First things first – we go to Utilities from our Admin Panel.

Next, we click on Integrations, which displays a list of various Service Providers that you can choose from.

For the purpose of this tutorial, let’s pick ActiveCampaign as our first integration. Now, as per the screen above, the toggle switch against it is already enabled. And, with that, Step 1 is already in the bag.

Step 2: Enter Settings for Service Provider

We move on to setting the process up by clicking on the green Settings box right next to the toggle.

And, up opens a popup with three fields – API key, API URL, and List ID.

Now, note that, these details are already available in ActiveCampaign on our account. All we had to do was extract them from there and fill ‘em in here.

Psst… Different service providers require a different set of API details. For example, while ActiveCampaign may require API Key, URL, and List ID, Gist and Intercom require just a Token. Rest assured though; all these details will be available on your service provider account, and if you can’t scout them, hit ‘em up on their support.

All deets entered? Hit Save, and you’re down with Step 2.

Step 3: Enable Tags

We’ve enabled our service provider. We’ve entered the API details. Now, we enable tags, on the basis of which, customer data will start getting logged on your service provider account.

To do that, click on Manage Events at the top right corner of the Integrations screen.

Doing so will take you to the elaborate Manage Events screen, where you’ll see our apps listed as different tabs.

We’ve generously pre-created events for you so that you don’t have to! Every app has a set of unique events that pertain to its nature. For example, where MemberFactory has events like On buying a plan or On lesson completion, CartFog features relevant events like On buying of product and Renewal of plan.

So, let’s say, we want to set up the second event “On buying plan” for MemberFactory. Firstly, click on Settings alongside to enable the pertinent service provider for the event.

This leads to a pop up with all the service providers that we’ve enabled back in Step 1.

As is visible from the screenshot above, ActiveCampaign is enabled for this particular event, along with others. Wanna disable one or more at any point of time? Simply click on the toggles and hit Save!

Next, we move on to Tags, and enable the ones we need to be recorded and show in our service provider account.

And what do we see? A variety of items that you can tag every customer who purchases a plan with. 

Quite thorough, huh? From the customer’s user and product IDs, to product title, transaction and subscription receipts, you can send every single detail of this particular event to ActiveCampaign or any other service provider you enable.

As is pretty obvious now, every time an event occurs on any of your Invanto products, its details would be passed on to your choice of service provider. This process, although automated, lets you be in complete control of how you want to best utilize that data, and drive up your coaching business.

So, go ahead, play around with this exceptional functionality, and transform the way you operate. As always, reach out to our support champs for any queries regarding integrations and automation.