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Written by Veethi Telang

When to Use “Pick from Pool”

In the Internet age, cheating in an exam is easier than boiling eggs. Google is a click away, and connecting with each other doesn’t really require a special skill. So, how do you ensure that your students are taking your test with full honesty?

By creating a pool of questions for your quiz, of course!

Say, your quiz has 10 questions, but you’ve uploaded a bank of 30. So, each time a student takes your quiz, he or she will be presented with a different list. This list can vary among your students, thereby, preventing any chances of cheating.

What’s more, even if a student retakes the same quiz, they won’t be subjected to the same set of questions they answered the last time. Thanks to the nifty little toggle in Testnia called “Pick from Pool”, you can give every student a different version of the same quiz.

With this, you make sure that they can’t cheat among themselves, and also avoid answering the same questions over and over again during retakes.

Just make sure that all the questions in your pool have the same difficulty, and you’re all set to make your students know who’s the real boss here.