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Written by Veethi Telang

When to Enable “Change Answer”

Let’s be honest; we’ve all done guess work in tests. We’ve created patterns in our head, and marked one of the four options in a quiz right or wrong based on a mere hunch. But, what if that hunch is wrong?

Think from a student’s perspective – as they proceed in a test, their brain might unlock different theories and learnings, which sometimes, may have a direct impact on the answers they entered previously.

Most competitive entrance exams allow changing/revisiting old answers for this very purpose. It’s not a crime, after all! And students will only thank you for letting them do it. So, if your course prepares your students to get high scores in a real-life competitive exam, your quiz should have a similar format too, shouldn’t it?

Enable the “Change Answer” toggle in your quiz settings:

Create a mock test environment that your students will thank you for.