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Written by Veethi Telang

When to Allow “Retake” of a Quiz

World’s best boss and The Office’s hero Michael Scott once said, “everyone deserves a second second chance”. While we let out a laugh when we heard it, it may not always hold true for a serious test. After all, a retake isn’t a student’s right, but an opportunity that they must earn.

That said, as a coach, your ultimate aim is to make your students grasp the ins and outs of the concept you’re trying to teach them. But, what if they flunk the first time? Does it mean that they completely failed at understanding the concept? Not always.

For quizzes that have radio-style questions, a simple “right” or “wrong” answer determines the fate of your students. But, for quizzes that are much more elaborate and have multiple paragraph-style questions, enabling retakes isn’t a bad idea, we reckon.

Think about it – say, you asked a student to elaborate on the effects of global warming on the world. While they laid out the answer pretty well, they weren’t completely thorough about it. Does that mean they knew nothing about it in the first place? Does that mean they deserve to fail?

As a coach, you have the authority to give your students a second chance, and let them sit for the quiz more than once. However, it’s upon you to make sure they get it right the next time. You can always use Testnia’s awesome Feedback feature to let your student know what they need to improve on.

Enable the "Can Retake" option while you add your quiz to a course:

Psst… Enable “Pick from Pool” before you let the student retake your quiz.

This is to ensure that the student doesn’t get the same list of questions the next time they take the quiz. Moreover, this also lets them know that they can’t misuse this golden opportunity that they’ve received, and can’t eff up this time. Not sure what Pick from Pool is? Check out this concept.