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Written by Veethi Telang

What is Testnia?

Question: What stimulates learners?

  1. The opportunity to apply the knowledge they’ve acquired
  2. Identifying any gaps in their knowledge and working towards rectifying them
  3. An acknowledgment of their learning
  4. All of the above

Inarguably, the answer is D.

Test your learners’ knowledge once and they’ll derive incredible joy (and benefits) from the test when they see where they went wrong. In fact, experiments show that taking a test is more effective than an extra hour of study, as students who are quizzed on new material are able to recall more than the ones who aren’t.

Taking a test is more effective than an extra hour of study

As an Invantor, you have created a great set of courses for your students. The next step is to create a quiz.

An advanced quiz and test paper builder for your CoachRack courses or MemberFactory lessons, Testnia provides an easy-to-use interface to let you enhance your students’ learning experience with interactive quizzes.

With Testnia, you can create an unlimited number of engaging tests and assessments within minutes using the simple test creation wizard. What’s more, you can also create, copy, and reorder sections, questions, and even the entire tests!

Why you need quizzes in your courses or lessons?

In the world of online learning, quizzes and tests help your students develop the right attitude towards learning. With Google just a click away, acquiring information has become extremely easy, which refutes the purpose of remembering.

By integrating quizzes and scoring into the format of your course, you can assess just how much your students have learned and digested the course material. Your students, on the other hand, get to test their knowledge, remember the information you’ve provided in your course, raise their grades, and keep themselves engaged.

Testnia will help you generate a curiosity for answers within your students, and keep them motivated during as well as after they’ve completed their learning sessions. Through this tool, you can gain precise test results with full student activity and even award certificates to your learners for completing your course.

Top features of Testnia

1. Choose from three different question types – radio, checkbox, and paragraph.

2. Create time-based or non-time based quizzes, based on the duration you want for the test.

3. Create graded tests or ungraded tests. You can also set automatic grading for each submission.

4. Create multiple sections in your test. For example, one section could be multiple-choice questions, whereas, the other one could be paragraph type.

5. Track student activity through the advanced tracking and reporting dashboard. Get detailed test reports with interactive graphs and CSV export.

6. Increase the accuracy of your students’ results by selecting random questions from a pool of questions, thus, preventing cheating and repetition.

7. Create one or multiple language quizzes, and test your students in a language they’re comfortable in.

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