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Written by Veethi Telang

Reviewing Student Submissions through Quiz Reports


Cheers on reaching this far, coach! This is the final leg of your Testnia journey – not to mention, a significant one. You’ve put up a great quiz on your course to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your students. Now, it’s time to see how well they fared.

Ready to play professor?

There are two important reports through which you can assess the outcome of your quiz – Quiz Reports and Attendee Reports.

Quiz Reports

  • Number of students that took the quiz
  • Total attempts made for the quiz (this is relevant only if you’ve enabled the “Can Retake” toggle)
  • Number of students that passed or failed
  • Number of answers in review
  • Responses received for the quiz

Attendee Reports

  • Number of quizzes taken by the attendee
  • Number of attempts made for all quizzes
  • Pass or Fail status for all quizzes
  • Number of answers in review for all quizzes
  • Pending quizzes
  • Responses for individual quizzes

Quiz Reports

Want to view everything about a particular quiz? This is where you need to go. Let’s check out the quiz report for our quiz on Modern American History.

Select Testnia from the Apps Dashboard and click on Access.


You’ll get to the Quiz List screen, from where, you need to click Quiz Reports, right alongside the Quiz Mapping button.

This will take you to the Available Reports section, as shown in the screenshot below:

As is obvious now, you can access quiz reports for every quiz by clicking on its name from the drop-down menu. For example, we can view the overall Quiz Report for our quiz on Modern American History by clicking on it, and hitting Search.

Here’s what it takes us to:

This window shows all the details of your quiz – total number of students and their attempts, passes and failures, total number of answers in review (for paragraph style questions), and more.

Scroll further right in this box, and you will see the Details icon.

Clicking on this icon will take you to Site Reports, which comprises two sections – overall details for that particular quiz, and details of the attendees of that quiz.

As you can see in the screen above, you can see names and emails of every quiz attendee, the lesson for which they took the quiz, correct and wrong answers, their overall score, result, and more.

Scroll further right in the box, and you will see the Status and Responses icons.

Pause for a second there… Let us remind you again that the status for both students is in review right now because our quiz contained a Paragraph style question. You will have to manually review it, and then pass or fail the student depending upon their answer.

So, click on Responses to review every student’s submissions. We decided to go with Pepper Pots’ responses, and this is where we landed:

The Attendee Quiz Details screen gives you an overview of how Pepper fared for our quiz on Modern American History.

Psst… See that “Is Passed” toggle at the bottom left of the first screen? Since this is a review-based quiz, the toggle will remain disabled until you yourself enable it.

Scroll down further and you will be able to view every single response to every question of your quiz.

Her result is in review right now, because we need to first check her answer for a Paragraph style question we put up in Part II – US Presidents section of our quiz.

So, we clicked on the section, and up came the following screen:

Score, Is Correct and Feedback values are to be added/changed by you as without doing so, the result would stay incomplete.

Score: If you like or dislike the answer, add a score to it out of the points you set up while adding the question.

Is Correct: Enabling this toggle will let the student know whether their answer was correct or not. Leave the toggle disabled if the answer is incorrect.

Feedback: Got good things to say about the answer? Write away!

Hit Save, after enabling the toggle and assigning score, and her Quiz Details will automatically be updated.

Remember… the Is Passed toggle will still remain disabled, despite all correct answers. So, we manually enabled it and passed Pepper for performing spectacularly in the quiz.

That wraps up the first segment of our tutorial – Quiz Reports. Onto Attendee Reports now…

Attendee Reports

So many quizzes, so many students! How do you pay attention to them on an individual level? With Attendee Reports, of course! This segment allows you to view various details of a student’s activity across quizzes.

Alright then, time to see how you can do that!

After selecting Quiz Reports from your Testnia dashboard, shift your focus to the Attendee Reports section this time.

Since we reviewed Pepper Pots’ responses to our quiz, let’s go ahead with her details.

Enter the student’s email ID in the box. Hit Search, and this is what comes up:

As is visible in the screen above, you can see the number of attempts Pepper has made for all quizzes, her pass or fail status, quizzes in review, and quizzes that are pending. You can also see the list of quizzes she has attended so far – Modern American History in this case. This list will keep expanding as she takes more and more quizzes.

Notice the Details icon at the bottom left? Clicking on that will take you back to the Attendee Quiz Details screen (which we covered above), where you will be able to view her performance stats for that particular quiz.

There you have it!

Your quiz is broken down into clean, easy-to-understand statistics. Go ahead, spend some time reading through these reports from time to time, and make your students’ learning experience better by assessing their strengths and weaknesses.

The data, after all, is just a few clicks away, isn’t it?