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Written by Veethi Telang

How to Create Time Based Quiz

Nothing pumps up humans more than the fear of a deadline, don’t you think? You may slack, procrastinate, or simply shrug a task off all you want. But – let someone set a deadline to the same task for you, and your mind will automatically start working towards how the heck you’re going to complete that task with full efficiency and well in time.

In quizzes and tests, deadlines sure play a significant. The fear of losing out on an opportunity to score in a question or a section just because you ran out of time can be pretty disheartening.

That, is why competitive exams have durations allotted to sections in their test papers – to test students not just on what they know, but how quickly they can do it.

Argue all you want with the logic of it, but knowing is just one part of learning. How fast you are at thinking about its application is as important, don’t you think?

Competitive exams prepare a student for thinking on their feet. So, if your course is about preparing them for a real-life competitive exam like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, or MCAT, assigning time limits to your quiz will help simulate the actual test environment.

This will not just enhance the learning of your students, but also provide them with a feeling of a mock exam.

STEP 1: Enable the “Is Time Based” toggle in the settings of your quiz:

STEP 2: Enter time for each section:

You can manually set a time limit within which a student is supposed to finish answering the section. How they perform within that set duration will be enough to tell you how quick they are at thinking on their feet.

All said and done, time limits set a certain standard for a certain level of proficiency expected from a student.

Competitive exams create an extreme testing condition, and therefore, only those prevail who are not just knowledgeable, but also display swift accuracy.

So, unless your quiz is a simple home test that the student can take at their leisure, enable the “Is Time Based” toggle in Testnia, and create a real-life environment for your learners.