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Written by Veethi Telang

How Scoring Works in Testnia

In the end, it’s all about scores, isn’t it?

Scores drive students, and make them strive for better. They represent – in clear-cut numbers – where a student lacks in their understanding of the subject, and where they excel.

This means that if you don’t enable scoring in your quiz, you lose what is perhaps your only chance to better your students’ learning experience.

Heck, even Buzzfeed gives scores for their quizzes, and those are quizzes you couldn’t care less about. We kid you not – there’s a quiz there on Which Vegetable Matches your Personality. We got Tomato, and we legit don’t know what to do with that information.

Clearly, your quiz is serious business. And scores, add weight to it.

In Testnia, enabling scoring is literally a click away, but the bigger question is – how do you do it right? There are multiple angles to scoring, and we’re going to look at all of them.

Default Scoring

Once you enable scoring for your quiz, every question you add is assigned a default point of 1 by the system.

So, say, you have 10 questions in your quiz. The system will automatically assign 1 point to each question, thus, making your quiz worth a total of 10 points.

But, then, what if you want to assign higher points to every question in your quiz? Well, that’s possible too! You can very well change the default scoring of every question. Keep reading…

Manual Scoring

For example, if you want to keep 20 questions of 10 marks each in your quiz, all you’ve got to do is manually enter “10” instead of the default “1” in the Points box while adding every question. This makes your quiz worth 200 marks!

It’s also possible that not every question in your quiz is as important as the other. You see, the more variety of questions there are in your quiz, the more important it becomes to pay attention to each question’s score.

Varied Scoring

While a Radio question that commands just a click on the right answer, a paragraph style question is more complex in nature, and would require more effort on the student’s part. It is, by far, the most subjective category of scoring because it goes beyond the concept of “right” or “wrong” answers. Therefore, it is important to assign points to paragraph style questions yourself, and Testnia lets you do that with utmost ease.

So, say, a radio question could be 1 point, whereas, a paragraph question could be assigned 5 points. All this is possible in just one quiz!

In conclusion, you can assign different scores to different questions, and emphasize on their weightage. Come to think of it, wouldn’t it make the quiz more interesting for your students?