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Written by Veethi Telang

Creating your First Quiz


All set to start quizzing your students using Testnia?

Creating your first quiz is just a 3-step process, thanks to the simple, easy-to-use quiz wizard.

STEP 1 Enter Quiz Details
STEP 2 Configure Quiz Settings
STEP 3 Review & Finish Setup

Let’s get rolling!

Log into your Invanto account, and click on Apps Dashboard from the top right corner drop down menu.

Next, select Testnia by clicking on Access, which will take you to Testnia’s admin area.

Once inside, click on Add Quiz as shown in the screen below.

You will be redirected to Step 1 of the Quiz Wizard.

Step 1: Enter Quiz Details

Everything that you want to display about your quiz in the frontend goes here.

The fields Title and Slug are mandatory, whereas, Description is optional (we highly recommend that you put one, though!).

Title: Herein, goes the name of your quiz. For example, a quiz on History could be called “Quiz: Modern American History”.

Description: Enter a brief description of the quiz. Eg. “How well do you know American History? Take this quiz to find out.

Slug: By definition, a slug is the part of a URL which identifies a particular page on a website. It’s a unique string that’s used to identify your quiz in our system. Although this field is automatically populated upon putting the title, you can edit it as per your requirement.

Step 1 – check. Click on Next to enter Step 2.

Step 2: Quiz Settings

Through this step, you will be able to define the parameters of your quiz – from the number of questions to passing percentage and duration of each section, you can configure it all for your learners.

Pick from Pool – An awesome setting for lengthy quizzes comprised of multiple sections, enabling this toggle lets you pick up the desired number of questions for your quiz from a pre-existing pool of questions.

For example, if you’ve created a pool of 10 questions for a particular section of your quiz, and only 3 must be displayed in the quiz, put “3” in the “Pool” field, and Testnia will randomly pick and show 3 questions from the pool to your students.

Psst...In an event you haven’t created multiple sections in your quiz, the whole quiz will be considered as one section. You can still enable this toggle, but make sure that you’ve added more number of questions in your pool than you want to display.

Enable – Enabling this toggle ensures that your quiz is made available inside your site or course. You can disable it at any point of time by turning this toggle off.

Is Time Based – Wish to set a duration for a particular section of your quiz? Enable this toggle, and you’ll be able to enter the time for that section at the time of creating it.

To know more about how this toggle works for quiz sections, read through our tutorial on creating and managing sections in your quiz 

Enable Scoring – Unless your quiz is about “What kind of a pizza are you?” or “Which Kardashian sister are you?”, scoring really matters. After all, it keeps students on their toes, and adds weight to your course too!

Enable this toggle to create a scoring mechanism for your quiz, and also set a passing percentage for your quiz right alongside.

BTW, If you keep this toggle disabled, you won’t be able to see the “points field” under each question in the question builder that comes after this stage. And, we all know, there’s no fun in that!

Change Answer – Because everybody deserves a second chance! Enable this toggle to allow your students to breathe a little while taking your quiz. They’ll be able to revisit a previously attempted question and change their answer.

Thumbnail: Prettify your quiz by uploading an image of it using the upload button. It will launch an explorer window which will allow you to upload your logo either from your computer or from your DropBox vault.


A word of caution: Do not delete the picture from the explorer, ever – it’ll suddenly vanish from the thumbnail, and you’ll be very sad. Trust us - we learned it the hard way!

Important: Play around with the features of Step 2 all you want, UNTIL a student attempts that quiz. Once the quiz has been taken by a minimum of one student, the settings will be disabled and you won’t be able to make a change. After all, the quiz data has already been recorded in the system!

Should you wish to edit the quiz content afterwards, you’ll need to simply clone the quiz, make desired changes, and assign away to a lesson or a course! This will ensure that the students will always have a review available of the actual quiz they’ve attempted in the past, and can retake the new quiz. No data lost, no harm, no foul!

Hit Next for the last and final step!

Step 3: Review and Finish

Spend 30 seconds on this step and ensure that everything looks bang on! Easily go back by clicking on “Back” and edit any spelling error, toggle, or picture.

Quiz Information: A quick snapshot of the details you entered in Step 1.

Quiz Settings: A sneak-peek of the toggles you enabled or kept disabled in Step 2.

Click on the big green Finish button and voilà – you just created your first quiz! You’ll then be redirected to the dashboard screen of this particular quiz from where you’ll be able to start adding questions in your quiz.