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Written by Veethi Telang

When to Create More than One “Section” for your Quiz

Sectional quizzes are as fun as they are serious. They go beyond the meh “true” or “false” style, and let your student play around with the subject all they want. As a coach, isn’t that what you want?

Moreover, most competitive exams have multiple sections that asses the quiz taker on both quantitative and qualitative bases.

The question is – are you prepping your students for an exam of this nature? If you are, breaking your quiz into sections is the best way to assess them.

For instance, you could start the quiz with simple radio-style questions that test the factual knowledge of your student. The second section could be full of paragraph-style questions that let the student elaborate on concepts from your course.

Click on "Manage Sections" from the Questions tab and add new sections:

We all remember taking English tests in school. From fill-in-the-blanks and vocabulary testing to reading comprehension and letter writing, that one test covered all aspects of our knowledge.

This, is what you can achieve by creating multiple sections in your quiz, and prepare your students for a competitive exam of a similar nature.