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Written by Veethi Telang

What is RewardBurst?

Some call it bait. We call it fun. Rewarding your students every now and then is the number one way to keep them engaged and motivated enough to learn a skill and take something valuable from the entire experience. You’ve seen a chocolate rewarded to a high-performing student in a usual classroom scenario. Now, wait till you see the real incentive deal – with RewardBurst.

The ultimate tool to engage and motivate your students throughout their period of learning with you, RewardBurst equips your business with a fully automated reward system to retain and delight your students. 

This, let us tell you, is the ultimate way to increase your customers’ lifetime value. And, isn’t that kinda the whole point of your coaching business?

Use RewardBurst with your MemberFactory training or CoachRack courses, and present every customer with an experience that will keep them on their toes - all the frickin' time. Award them points for the simplest activities like logging in, commenting on a lesson, or finishing a course. It’s all up to you – you decide how and when to distribute points.

What’s more, it is through RewardBurst that you can create a digital store of sorts. Just create existing courses or membership sites as products in RewardBurst, or add digital products in the form of PDF files or videos – products worth a set number of points each – and sell them to your clientele in exchange for points.

The best thing? Even if they run out of points, you can create special point packages that they can purchase by paying you real money.

Customer engagement looked never this fruitful now, did it?


  • Reward customers based on triggers: 5 points for logging in every time. 10 points for commenting on a lesson. 30 points for watching a video…. well, you get the gist. 
  • Make your own combinations: Mix triggers, rewards, and additional milestones. For example, give extra 50 points when a customer has achieved a total of 1000 points. Award completing a lesson or course quiz with a badge. Let your users win extra points by joining you between selected dates.
  • Create ”point” packages: Did your students run out of points? Offer them a package! For example, you can create a package of 100 Points for $50. Now, they don’t need to wait to accumulate a sufficient amount of points to download additional online products from your store.
  • Create a digital store: Add your digital products in the form of PDF files, videos, or audios and decide how many points are required to download each product. Divide them by creating stores.
  • Get real-time insights: Statistics will show you the number of users that purchased your products and sales - the number of packages sold. Know which members earned the most points on logging, who on commenting, and who is your best student in completing a lesson.
  • Connect with MemberFactory and CoachRack: Accumulated points would be a key to access one of your membership sites or courses. In case they run out of points, offer them a package – additional points for real money that they can receive to gain access.

Compatibility Check

  • MemberFactory – Yes.
  • CoachRack – Yes.