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Written by Veethi Telang

Your Membership Site’s Structure: Membership Plans, Categories, and Content


The skeleton of your first membership site is ready. Now, begins the part where you start putting the pieces of your site together, and place them in a neat, attractive format.

“Wait… what pieces?”

In other words, essentials. Here’s an exercise for ya – close your eyes for a couple of minutes, and think about all the essentials for your membership site.

A little help to speed up your imagination:

1) Membership Plan

First things first - think about a pricing plan that your members will purchase to get access to whatever it is you’re offering membership site.

Will you be charging them all at once? Will it be on a monthly or quarterly basis? Are you also thinking of providing a trial version wherein you initially offer a few items for free to build trust? Before you start selling, all these details need to be thoroughly thought of and covered.

2) Categories

Say, you want to release content over regular intervals, instead of giving members immediate access to everything up-front. In that case, you need to create categories, and break them down with respect to when you decide to release them.

For instance, if your membership site is about offering fitness PLR content packs, you can create monthly categories called January, February, March, April, and so on, add content under each of them, and release a new category every month.

This revolutionary process is called Drip, wherein all the content you’ve uploaded will be let out to your members at regular intervals for their subscription to stay intact and your income to keep flowing. And, in MemberFactory, setting up this process is a cakewalk!

3) Content

And last, but not the least, there’s content, loads of content, that you’d have to upload for your members to access.

Following up on our previous example of fitness PLR content packs, you can add a variety of content items under each category, or limit them to just one type – articles, images, videos, social media posts, eBooks, or whatever else you’d like.

These are what we like to call the fundamentals of your membership site. All the customization, personalization, and add-ons, come in later. Kay?

Give your membership site a neat, effortless flow by covering points 1 through 3, and you’ll be even closer to start selling. Check out our upcoming tutorials on how to nail down each of the aforementioned pointers, and structure the membership site of your dreams.