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Written by Veethi Telang

Your Membership Site’s Structure: Membership Plans


So, here’s a quick quiz for you – is the secret to a successful business customer acquirement or customer retention? Any smart entrepreneur will tell you that retention is the real deal. You need to continuously give your customers a reason to come back to you. Buy from you. Lay their trust in you. And, what better than a membership site to ensure that?

You give your customers a reason to retain their access – courtesy your regular service/content – and in the process, generate a great deal of income, repeatedly.

However, a lot of MemberFactory users also prefer to charge a one-time subscription payment from their customers, instead of going the “recurring” route. It all depends upon how you’d like to run your membership site – would you want your customers to pay a low-amount monthly subscription (akin to an EMI) to access every month’s content, or would you rather have them pay you the full amount upfront?

Accordingly, you create a membership plan on MemberFactory. Allow us to demonstrate via the sample fitness site we created in the previous tutorials – “The Hulk Fitness”.

First things first, we click on Manage Site from the Options drop-down menu against our site’s name.

This will take you to your site’s Sales Dashboard and a handful of tabs on a bright blue bar. From there, click on the More drop-down, and select Membership Plans.

Enter Membership Plans screen, which is obviously empty right now (duh!). So, what are we waiting for? Let’s add our first membership plan by clicking on the big green Add New Plan button towards the right!

A very elaborate screen called Membership Plan Management opens up, wherein, we’ll put all the necessary details of our brand new plan for the site.

See the fleet of tabs in the above screenshot? Let’s take ‘em one by one!


Did you know your site can have multiple membership plans? For instance, you can give your members a choice – pay monthly, or pay all at once! Like we discussed earlier, your members can very well choose a plan that lets them pay a regular installment to access your site, or go with another plan that lets them pay all at once, upfront.

For our site “The Hulk Fitness” we’ve decided to go the installment route (cos, well, recurring income FTW!). Very quickly, let’s walk you through each of the fields under this tab:

  • Plan Name – Add a nice name for your plan like “Basic”, “Silver” or “Monthly”. Go with “Gold”, “Boss”, or “Premium” for an all-at-once payment plan. We’ll go with “Silver” for now.
  • Slug for this plan with get auto-populated.
  • Price is where the fun begins – if it’s a recurring plan, first decide for how long you wish to grant your members access to your site. Say, it’s a year’s worth of content you’ve put up, and you want to charge them monthly for it. Whatever amount is in your mind, divide it by 12 (months), and put that number here.

Let’s put up a dummy number “$50” here in the field.

  • Return URL is what you put when you want to redirect your members to another page, instead of the default login page of your membership site after checkout. For example, if you’re offering an upsell, the URL of its sales page could go here. If you don’t have anything, leave it blank!
  • The Status toggle lets you enable or disable this plan. For example, if this particular plan isn’t converting well, you can deactivate it for the time being, and it’ll no longer show on the site. Later sometime, you can reactivate it, and it’ll be back on!

  • The Autoresponders field lets you select and activate autoresponders that you’ve set up for this particular site. For instance, if you’re using an autoresponder like ActiveCampaign or MailChimp, and have added members to multiple email lists, you can choose and activate the ones pertaining to this membership site right in this field!

  • Did you know; some external payment gateways like ClickBank need their designated External Product ID to be put here in order to work? If you’re using ClickBank as one of the payment gateways on this membership site, extract its product ID from your CB account, and copy-paste it here. Easy-peasy!

Hit Save, and move to the next tab – Description.


Got a nice little description highlighting the top benefits of your site? Put it up here! To enhance the legitimacy (and trust factor) of your site, you can also add a money-back guarantee at the bottom of your description.

Save again, and move to Frequency.


All hail subscription settings! Frequency is where you set the frequency of your members’ billings. The two toggles you see here – Is One Time and Is Recurring – let you pay members all at once or pay in the form of an ongoing subscription.

FYI, unless you enable the Is Recurring toggle, the Stop After and Billing Frequency fields stay inactive. Moving on…

Stop After defines the times after which the billing will stop. For example, if your site’s subscription is worth $600, and you want to bill the members $50 twelve times, set the frequency to 12 times. Alternately, if you want to bill the members $100 six times, set it to 6 times.

Psst… did you know; you can set the Stop After frequency up to 365 times? Be wise about this setting so that you don’t end up wasting half your time on a calculator.

Onto the Billing Frequency – this field defines how frequently you’d want to bill your members for your product. You know, just like an EMI works at regular intervals.

So, say, you’ve set the payment to be made 12 times through the course of a year. Through this field, you can set the regularity of the billing. 1 month? 2 months? 6 months? A whole goddamn year? Yep, we have a provision for it all (*adjusts sunglasses*)!

Last, but not the least, the Expire Product Access After field defines the duration post which your members would no longer be able to access your site. Gotta keep the precious information secure and away from freeloaders, eh?

Thazall under this tab! Click Save and we’re off to Trial.


Did you know, you can offer a limited-period trial access of your membership site in MemberFactory? Many subscription-based sites come with a trial period of 7–30 days, and you could do the same for yours.

This functionality is perfect if you’re providing training material/courses on your membership site. You could offer, say, a 7-day access to the first two categories, thus, nudging your members to give into the lure, and purchase the whole thing.

Enable the Trial toggle to active the trial for your product. Otherwise, it stays disabled for good.

The Trial Price field lets you put a fraction of the original price you’re selling your site’s access for. For example, if the original price of your site’s subscription is $600, your trial price could be for $6 or $20 or whatever you want.

Obviously, your Trial Period will be defined by how much you’ve set your Trial Price for. We think, for $20, a customer should be able to enjoy at least 15 days of access, no?

We’ve enabled the toggle. We’ve set the Trial Price, and selected the Trial Period. Moving on to the penultimate tab – Settings.


Nothing elaborate, just a handful of toggles to extract additional information from your members.

  • Ask Address – to know and record the details of your members’ address. Say, your membership site gives out subscription access for a monthly magazine that you’ll be shipping off to their address. Enabling this toggle will display the address field on the order page, where the members can put in their address details.
  • Ask Phone – just like address, if you want to keep in touch with them via phone or send them text alerts.
  • Show in Site – enabling this toggle displays this particular plan on your very membership site. If you don’t want it to, simply turn it off!
  • Disable Thank You Page – Y tho! On MemberFactory, as soon as a member is done with checkout, they’re redirected to a default Thank You page, before they move to their members only login area. Remove this page if you want, but hey, we know a “Thank You” goes a long way. #JustSaying

Settings done. Onto the last and final leg of the Membership Site Management – Script.


Wish to use Google Analytics, Facebook’s Conversion Tracking Pixel, or any other tracking tool? Or, got an external script code for additional features (chatbox, etc.) on your site? Copy-paste the code in this box, and hit Save. Soon, your analytics dashboard will start displaying all the details of activity happening on your product’s sales page.

Once you’ve entered the details under all tabs, go back to Membership Plans again from the More drop-down menu, and you’ll see this freshly created plan in the list. See?

All analytics are calculated and updated right here for you to take note of, and tweak your plan with regards to what works and what doesn’t. And, once you figure out what to tweak, click on the Edit icon right below Options (in the screenshot above), and start playing!

There you have it – a full-fledged membership plan, ready for access! Now, remember, whatever category and content you create will have to be mapped to this plan simultaneously. This way, once a member purchases the plan, they’ll automatically get access to the content that was linked to the plan.

So, get going, create a nice membership plan for your site, and prep it to be served hot to your customers!