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Written by Veethi Telang

Your Membership Site’s Structure: Content


Built a membership site? Yep.

Added a membership plan? You bet.

Created categories? Of course.

Off we go to uploading the real deal now – the content. Putting up content under each of the categories you’ve created in MemberFactory is a two-step process.

And, truth be told, so, so much fun!

Step 1 – add page.
Step 2 – add content to that page.

That’s it. Sounds easy, eh?

First things first, we create a brand new skeleton of a page in which the content is to be added. So, select your site from the main MemberFactory screen, and click on Manage Site.

From here, we go right to the Content tab on the bright blue bar you see on top your screen.

Enter Member Pages, where you will see all the categories you’ve created for your site so far. Ours? Well, they’re Month 1, Month 2, Month 3, and so on.

Let’s start by creating our first page for Month 1. All you’ve got to do is click Add Page right next to the Add Category button.

Up opens a popup called Add New Page with a slew of fields of its own. Exhibit A:

Very quickly, let’s fill ‘em up:

  • Title: Add a title for this page. For instance, if it’s an article on, say, “Fitness 101”, put the name here.
  • Slug: The slug, obviously, will be auto-populated as soon as you put in a title.
  • Author: Displays the email ID of the account holder. In our case, the mighty Hulk aka Bruce Banner.
  • Category: What category will this particular page go under? All the categories you’ve created so far will be displayed under this drop-down menu, so select the one from here.
  • Status: Well, duh! Yes, published. But, if at any point of time, you want to unpublish it, it’s all possible here!

And, with that, we click on Save, which will automatically redirect us to the contents of the page we just created. Here it is – the Edit Member Page. From here, we get on to adding content to the page, among other things:

Let’s take it tab by tab, shall we?


Most of the deets you entered while adding this page are visible here, with an exception of the following:

  • Summary: Add in a quick summary about what this page is about. For instance, for our article on “Fitness 101”, we are going to put in the first few lines as an excerpt.
  • Drip Feed & Drip At: Your categories are already set on drip. Did you know; you could set up drip for the content within each too? That’s some solid #dripception right there!
    To give you an example, say, you’ve set up monthly drip for each category. And, every category has 4 items (pages of content) under it. By enabling Drip Feed here, you can break those 4 items through the month, releasing a new one every week. Simply select the day from Drip At, and this particular page will be released and made available to your members on that day. Isn’t it kinda cool? Your regular content inflow brings members to the yard!
  • Comments: Let your members make comments on the content and showcase how consuming it bettered their life!
  • Is Free: Remember when we first talked about setting up a commencement date for a category in case your membership site is about a training/course?
    To build up the interest of the leads you generate, you could consider keeping this content free, and if they like it, have them sign up for the entire training! This is a mighty smart way of piquing your prospective members interest by showing them that your content packs a punch, and that they won’t regret investing in you!

Hit Save, and move on to the next tab – Content.


Select Content from the tabs, and you’ll reach our highly intuitive content editor. In here, copy-paste the content of the article you want to upload and make available to your members. Use our fleet of awesome editing tools to make the article look even more attractive!

Copy-pasted the article here, made formatting changes, and now, we hit Save.

Psst… if you think the body of your content looks dull right now, that’s because it is! So, why not add in an image or two in the body and make this article come alive? Click on Insert File from the editor icon menu, and breathe new life into the content!

Video / Audio / Attachments

The next three tabs on the Edit Member Page let your diversify your content in terms of formats. Got a video to add to the month’s content? Add it from the Video tab. Got a podcast to throw in? Do it via Audio. Any reference PDFs or Images? Use the Attachments tab.

Simply upload all files on our file explorer, and increase the overall value of your content. Cool?


Last, but not the least, the More tab is from where you send cool notification emails to your members right when they’ve consumed this particular piece of content.

This is especially critical for training/course membership sites, wherein, you send a congratulatory mail to your students each time they finish a lesson. Tweak the language as per your brand, and drive more engagement than you usually would.

Pro tip… Add in a Drive or Dropbox link to a lesson completion bonus (such as coupons, free access to another product, or additional material) in the body of the mail, and make that student feel all the more special!

The Revisions feature, on the other hand, lets you save previous versions of your content, which you can access at any point of time.

Just remember to enable the Save Revision toggle under the Content tab, and each time you make a change then on, will be recorded and shown under this section.

There you have it - the content added, ready to be previewed! Wanna see how it looks on our site Let’s click the Preview button towards the top right of the Edit Member Page.

You can also preview this content by going back to the Member Pages, and clicking on the tiny eye icon under Options. Use this shortcut to edit, move, copy or even delete this page anytime you wish to.

So, coming back to preview, here’s how it looks:

We know what you’re thinking! “Ugh, can that Invanto logo go away from my site?” Why, yes, of course, it can! We’ll tell you how soon, but, it comes later.

For now, it’s a wrap! Now you know how to add content to every category you’ve created on your MemberFactory site. So, go on – start adding page upon page, start creating content packs, and map them all to your most lucrative membership plans.

Got questions? Reach out to our support heroes, and they’ll help you out every step of the way!