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Written by Veethi Telang

Your Membership Site’s Structure: Categories


With every membership site, come categories of content. Or, themes, if you will. Every installment of the content you put out over the course of a period of time can have a different theme. Think about it from the perspective of collections in a boutique – there’s a summer collection, an autumn collection, and a fall/winter collection. And, each of them packs within it a different set of items for customers to consume.

Similarly, every category of your membership site will comprise a new item/set of items for members to keep coming back to. After all, it’s the thirst for new stuff that keeps them goin’, doesn’t it?

Now, for a monthly membership site, categories could be spanned across an entire year, and be named something as simple as January, February, March, and so on, or simpler still, Month 1, Month 2, Month 3….. well, you get the idea. Under each month, you can upload packs of content for your members to download or consume.

Here’s a neat example of a typical fitness membership site that offers PLR content packs every month up to 6 months to their members:

(Month 1) - Healthy Spring PLR Pack
(Month 2) - Brain Health PLR Bundle
(Month 3) - Keto PLR Pack
(Month 4) - Healthy Family Habits PLR Bundle
(Month 5) - Real Food Lifestyle PLR Pack
(Month 6) - Self love and Healthy Mindset PLR Bundle

So, think long and hard about your categories, and then, dive right into creating them on MemberFactory. As to the “how” of the process, let’s take up our fine site example on “The Hulk Fitness” to help you figure it out.

Right after creating your first membership plan, you go to Content on the bright blue bar on your main MemberFactory screen.

Here we are on the Member Pages screen, which is empty right now because we’re yet to create categories and add pages to them. So, let’s create our first ever category by clicking on Add Category at the top right corner.

…..and with that, we reach the Category Management popup that looks like this:

With four different tabs, the Category Management popup covers everything for you – the category name and description, what membership plan this category will be linked to, a drip segment to set up at what point of time in the year this category will be available to your members, and an image to differentiate it from other categories on your site.

Cool so far, innit?

Here’s a detailed look at each of the tabs:


  • Enter Your Category Name: Finalized what you’re going to name each category? Put the first one here. We, we go by something simple for example – Month 1.
  • Slug: Auto-populated upon adding category name, this field will help determine and record the category in our system.
  • Description: A list of items that you’re releasing in this category, its benefits, and special instructions, if any – all deets go here!
  • Enable Category: The toggle says it all!

Now, the same popup looks like this:

Cool? We hit Save and soon enough, we get redirected back to Member Pages screen, only this time, with a brand new category waiting for us!


Edit details of it anytime you like by clicking on the edit icon towards the right, move the category up or down in the sequence (after you’ve created multiple ones), or even delete it at any point of time by clicking on the tiny dustbin icon. Everything is just a click away!

Moving on to the next tab in Category Management – Mapping – we click the Edit icon and this time, choose the Mapping tab.


Remember when we created our first Membership plan in the previous tutorial. Here it is, ready to be linked to this category!

Simply enable this Silver Plan toggle, and this category will be immediately available to any member who subscribes to this membership plan.

In the future, you will obviously create more and more such membership plans pandering to a variety of audiences. In that scenario, choosing from a list of membership plans can be done from right here!

So far, so good? Click on Save, and next.


The Drip feature is, inarguably, MemberFactory’s most glamourous feature, and quite honestly, the reason why we’re loved by membership site creators across the globe!

It is from here that you break your entire content in terms of availability to your members. This way, they are no longer subjected to a tornado of content, but are able to go slow (week-wise or month-wise), and consume your content the way it is deserved to be.

To begin with, enable the Drip Feed toggle to activate Drip on this category.

Next, from the Drip At drop-down, select the number of days after which you want this particular category to be available to a member. Allow us to simplify this with an example:

Since this is our first category, we’d like any member to get access to it as soon as they subscribe to our site. So, we leave the field as it is – 0 days.

However, the next category we create – Month 2 – will need to be set at 30 days. And, the one after that, will be set at 60 days, and the one after that to 90 days, and so on.

In a nutshell, by selecting the days under this field, you are, in fact, charting out an entire schedule for the year for the content that you’ll be uploading. That said, this is how your categories will need to be set for the entire year –

Month 1 – 0 days
Month 2 – 30 days
Month 3 – 60 days
Month 4 – 90 days
Month 5 – 120 days
Month 6 – 150 days
Month 7 – 180 days
Month 8 – 210 days
Month 9 – 240 days
Month 10 – 270 days
Month 11 – 300 days
Month 12 – 330 days

Fun fact: In MemberFactory, you can set up drip for up to a whopping 3 years! Yep, up to 1095 days. Imagine creating enough content to last for all that time, and keeping your members hooked for 3 straight years – all from just one site! That’s a whole lotta $$$! Hmmm.

Commencement Date is an interesting field, especially if what you’re offering on your membership site is some kind of ongoing training or a course.

Say, you have a Spanish cooking course lined up to begin on May 1st, 2019. Create this category and a couple of others way before that date (about two weeks in advance), and start promoting them for free to generate enough leads. These leads will check out your free content, and sign up for your course that’s set to begin on the 1st of May. How smart is that?

But, if you want your members to start accessing your content as soon as they subscribe, leave this field empty and move on!

Click Save, and we’re almost there!


A nice little image to differentiate this category from the others in your list is a must, don’t you think? Upload it from here by clicking on the upload icon towards the right. Or, if you want to change it later at any point of time, delete it from here, and upload another one!

For the last time, click on Save, and with that, your first category is all set up. We can’t emphasize more on the fact that how easy this entire process is. So, wait no more – start playing around with categories, create a nice structure for your content, and ready it for an army of members.

In the next tutorial, we will dig deeper into adding content to your categories. Excited already? We know we are.