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Written by Veethi Telang

Tracking the Progress of your Members

Want to see how your members are faring when it comes to consumption of your content? It’s imperative to keep track of what they’re pausing at, what they’re consuming quickly, and at what point they completely stopped.

This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to communicate with them appropriately and re-engage them. After all, isn’t that the whole crux of a membership site? Keeping your members engaged so that they keep coming back to you for more?

Let’s check out how you can start tracking the progress of your members, and take appropriate action.

But… before that, ensure that you’ve enabled the “Show Progressbar” toggle under Site Details>>>Settings. Otherwise, your members won’t be able to mark your content as complete before they jump onto the next. Kay?

Now, to access every member’s details and check their progress, click on the Members tab on your Sales Dashboard.

And so, you will reach to your entire list of members who have subscribed to your membership site. For instance, we, right now, have two members subscribed to our dummy site – The Hulk Fitness.

As is clear from the screen above, the mischievous Loki completed consumption of 50% of the membership content, whereas, the mighty Thor still lags behind (hmm, time to shoot him a mail raising our concern by clicking on the mail icon under Options, don’t you think?).

Now, let’s click on the “i” icon under Options to delve into the details of where Loki stands in terms of his progress on our membership site.

So far, Loki has consumed one of the two available pages of content under Month 1. Hence, his progress shows as 50%. Notice that green check icon alongside the right of each page? That means he has marked it as complete on the front-end, and is currently on the next one.

That’s it. That’s all it takes to keep track of your members’ progress, and tweak your marketing and communication strategy based on where they lag, where they falter, and what they enjoyed/disliked the most about your membership site.

This, let us tell you, is an awesome way to keep reviewing your own content, and make changes as necessary.