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Written by Veethi Telang

Site Management: How to Edit MemberFactory’s Default Email Templates


Your membership site can turn into an awesome community of like-minded individuals who have a common goal. But, if you don’t communicate with them on a regular basis, how will they feel valued? Constant email communication is the cornerstone of member retention, and we understand that very well.

We’ve taken care of all kinds of imperative communication for you – starting from our members’ subscription purchase, to renewing and even canceling their subscriptions. If you’re a smart entrepreneur, you will convert these default email templates into multiple business promotion opportunities that will only strengthen your community.

So, without further ado, allow us to show you where to access these email templates, and how to edit them as per the tone and requirement of your business.

From your MemberFactory Sales Dashboard, select the More drop-down menu, and click on Email Templates under Site Management.

From here, you will reach the Email Templates screen with a handful of tabs that are nothing but system-set triggers. In other words, these are events at which an email will be triggered to the member. Now, it’s upon you to change the language, the messaging, and the tone of these rather generic emails.

See above? The first template is that of an email that consists of the Customer Receipt for any customer that purchases subscription to your site.

Following that are templates for Welcome Email, Forgot Password, and Comments, Subscriptions, Cancel Subscriptions, and Re-activate Subscriptions (under More).

Now, all you have to do is, edit these templates anyway you want, and communicate with your members in a much more refreshing manner!

Psst… These emails aren’t just for meet-and-greet! It is here that you can plug in a variety of offers, send welcome bonuses to your members, and communicate with them in a much more efficient manner. Go crazy!

Just remember to keep the Enable toggle enabled, and hit Save to save the changes.

So that, is how you edit MemberFactory’s default email templates, and match them with the tone and language of your brand. Easy-peasy, isn’t it?

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