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Written by Veethi Telang

Site Management: Adding Static Pages and Customizing Your Site’s Menu


A full-fledged website has got to have a variety of items to browse through, don’t you think? On your shining new membership site, the content may be the “belle of the ball”, but there’s stuff like Terms and Conditions, About You/This site, Other Products, etc. that needs to be incorporated too.

MemberFactory’s awesome Static Pages feature lets you create all those pages with just a few clicks. And, what’s more, those static pages can be neatly organized in the form of multiple menus on your site.

Moreover, when you have multiple membership plans, you might need different menus for members subscribed to different membership plans. So, buckle up as we take on to creating a static page first, and then placing it on a menu on your site.

Let’s carry the process out on our dummy site – The Hulk Fitness.

Static Pages

From your MemberFactory site sales dashboard, go to the More drop-down tab, and select Static Pages from the Site Management field.

A default “Welcome” page awaits you on the Static Pages screen (we’ve taken care of that for ya!). Basically, this is the first page that your members will see as soon as they log in. You’re welcome to edit it as per your whim. Simply click on the edit icon under Options on the right hand side.

To create a new page on the other hand, all you’ve got to do is click on the green Add Page button on the top right corner of the above screenshot.

And, up opens up a popup window as follows:

Let’s add a Static Page called About Us here. So, fill in the Title, and the Slug will auto-populate. Hit Save, and you’ll reach its Edit Static Page screen. Let’s get adding content and other deets to it!

As you can see above, the Title and Slug fields are already populated. But, you can do much more with the details of this page!


Add a nice Summary of the page, enable/disable Comments using the toggle below it, and publish or unpublish this page anytime you want via Status drop-down.

Change the necessary settings, hit Save, and off we move to the real deal – Content.


We’ve put up a nice paragraph about what this membership site is about on the very user-friendly content editor of MemberFactory.

Psst… enabling the Autosave toggle automatically saves the content for you. On the other hand, the Save Revision toggle ensures that any changes you make in this content over time are recorded in our database. Fret not; those changes can be accessible on the right-most tab of this screen – Revisions.

So, click Save, and move on to the next tabs.

Video, Audio and Attachments

Pretty simple screens, eh? Simply upload your content here by selecting the appropriate tab, and click on Upload. Our File Manager will open up, where you can put up your content, and insert it on the page.

Hey-yo! In case you were wondering about the size limit, here’s the guide: Video – XXX, Audio – xxx, Attachments – XXX.


As we stated above, any alterations you do in this content will be automatically recorded under this tab. Preview it, Restore it, or even Delete it, by clicking on the icons under Options.

Click on Save, and go back to the original Static Pages list by clicking on the Back button towards the top right.

There it is! A brand new static page on our membership site! Let’s preview it once by clicking on the eye icon under Options (or, eye-con as we like to call it! B-)), shall we?

Wowza! Hulk’s intentions for you are pretty clear from this description, aren’t they?

So, this, is how you add a Static Page on your membership site. Customize it or add more content to it – the sky is your limit!

Now that we’re clear on that, let’s move on to the placement of this page on a brand new menu on the site.

Site Menus

More often than not, high-performing sites have a constant header as well as a footer menu across the site. The front-end of our membership site, currently, looks kinda sad because there’s nothing on it apart from the default buttons provided by the system.

The good news is, any static page that you create can go on either of these menus.

As an example, let’s add our newly created About Us page on the top menu of the above page. Follow this simple 3-step process:

Step 1: Create Menu
Step 2: Add Static Page
Step 3: Assign and Save

Again, from your MemberFactory site sales dashboard, go to the More drop-down tab, and this time, select Site Menu from the Site Management field.

Off we reach to the Menu Manager screen, which is basically where you will be adding as many tabs and external links on your membership site.

Now, to add our freshly concocted About Us page, we first need to create a brand new menu on the Menu Manager screen. So, enter the menu name and slug in the blank fields above (we go with Top Menu), and click on the Create Menu button right below them.

With that, Top Menu will start showing in the list of existing menus. See?

Next, we select the Static Pages drop-down on the top left side of this screen, enable both the default Welcome page as well as the About Us page we just created, and click on the green Add to Menu button at the bottom.

The result?

Voila! These two pages are now part of the top menu we just created.

Want to add links to external pages like your social media portals? Use the Links drop-down button, add their url and link text, and again, click on Add to Menu. They’ll immediately become a part of this menu!

As the final step, let’s assign these pages to our site by clicking on the blue Assign button above.

And, up opens a popup that shows the default locations for this particular website theme – Top Menu, Footer Menu, Footer Menu 1, and Footer Menu 2.

We enable the Top Menu where we’d like both these pages to go, and click on Save.

That’s it! And now, finally, let’s preview what we just did by clicking on the Preview Site button towards the right on the bright turquoise bar.


There they are – Welcome and About Us sitting atop the top menu. How easy was that?

We went ahead and assigned the same menu and its pages to the empty footer menus as well. See how the page above looks more populated and refined now:

While this is just dummy content, you can create multiple menus such as – Other Products, Social Links, Resources, etc. around your main membership site.

So, wait no more! Think of all the aspects of your business you’d like to include on your membership site, create pages and menus for it, and take your site to a whole new level.

Should you face any issues, shoot a query to our support champs, and they’ll help you design the site your members will be proud of being a part of.