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Written by Veethi Telang

Settings: How to Cross Promote your Membership Sites

Imagine this: you’re shopping for weight lifting equipment online, and a wild ad for whey protein appears on that page. Wouldn’t you be more inclined to buy it now that you know you’re going to be needing it sooner rather than later?

That, dear friend, was a smart cross-promotion strategy shared between the weight lifting equipment and the whey protein brands. Now, imagine if you could do the same for your membership sites too.

Note though; this would only work if you have more than one membership site on MemberFactory (duh!). So, if you’ve enabled cross-promotion on both sites, they’ll appear under “other products” on both sides, thus, widening your sites’ reach and increasing your chances of more revenue.

In MemberFactory, the process of enabling cross-promotion is extremely simple. Just go to Site Details from the More drop-down menu on your Sales Dashboard.

As you may already know by now, the Site Details screen comes with a slew of tabs that let you manage your membership site. For the purpose of this tutorial, we jump to Settings.

Simple enable the Show in “Other Products” toggle, and click on Save. The next thing you know; this site will start appearing under the list of Other Products on all your other membership sites created on MemberFactory.

If, however, you wish to keep this site hidden from your other audience, and sell it as a standalone product, disable the afore-mentioned toggle, and enable the Disable Cross Promotion Menu from right here. Result? It’ll no longer show under Other Products on your various membership sites.

That’s all it takes to enable and capitalize on the wonders of cross-promotion on MemberFactory. Neat and crisp, yeah?