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Written by Veethi Telang

How to Manually Add a Member to your Membership Site


Got a bunch of people excited to sign up for our membership site, did we? Super!

Now, what usually happens is, once a customer purchases access to your site, they receive a system-generated welcome email with login details.

But, what if a customer hasn’t gone through the entire checkout process you’ve set up for your site, and still wants access? In other words, what if they wish to pay you offline or via another mode of payment that you haven’t enabled on your site? How do you set up their account?

By adding them manually into our system, of course!

Let’s get going by first selecting Members from the main blue bar on your MemberFactory sales dashboard.

And, off we reach to the Members List screen. From here, click on the Add Member button on the top right.

Voila! This opens a popup called Add Member with a slew of fields that we’ll fill up manually.

Let’s take them one by one, shall we?

  • Email: Enter the email ID of the customer you want to add to your site. Note that, as soon as you do it, four additional fields will open up: Name, Password, Country, and Member Since. Gotta manually add them too!
  • Enable User: Well, duh! With this toggle, you can enable or disable their access to the contents of your site.
  • Notify User: Enabling this toggle will send a system-generated email to them as soon as they’re added as a member to your site.
  • Free user: Giving away this site’s complimentary access to a customer of another product of yours? Enable this toggle!
  • Membership Plan: From the drop-down menu, select the plan you want to add this customer to.
  • Transaction receipt: Although optional, adding the transaction number (however your customer has paid you) is good to keep on record.
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal? Stripe? ClickBank? Offline? Select the payment method from the drop-down menu of this field.
  • Amount/Fee: How much have you charged the member for access? Enter that amount here. If there’s an additional fee involved, enter the digits under fee.
  • Start Date/End Date: Like all memberships, this one’s got to expire too! Enter the start and end dates of the membership for your customer in these fields.
  • Status: Are they an active customer or has their membership expired? Or, did they cancel their subscription recently? Update the status from the drop-down menu here.

Click on Save after adding the deets, and you’ll be immediately redirected to the Members List, only this time, with a brand new entry! Exhibit A:

How cool is this? Here, you can see the details of Thor Odinson, as the first member of our membership site on The Hulk Fitness. Keep scrolling right to check the details that were just entered.

For example, the Progress bar shows how much content Thor has consumed so far on our site. And, from here itself, you can deactivate his account whenever you wish to (although, thou shan’t piss off the God of Thunder without reason!).

Last, but not the least, the very efficient Options section has a bunch of buttons of its own – Details, Email, Edit, and Delete.


Clicking on the Details icon displays an account of all the things your members have been up to on your site.

From the money they’ve spent on your site to their subscription details, transactions, and even progress report, everything’s here for your perusal!


As soon as you add them as your member, shoot them a welcome email with their login details right from here. Clicking on the email icon opens up a popup with a default welcome email template. But, why not change it a little to match the tone of your brand?


The Edit icon, of course, lets you edit basic details of the member, and even add additional information like address.

You know, in case, Thor wants to subscribe to a hard copy of a monthly fitness magazine from The Hulk Fitness brand, we’d love to ship it straight to Asgard. Now that, is a neat business idea right there!


If, at any point of time, a member’s subscription to your site has ended, chuck ‘em off this list by clicking on the Delete icon.

And that, is how you manually add a brand new member to your membership site. Don’t get limited by one-dimensional promotional campaigns or limited payment gateways. Just make as much noise about your membership site as you can, and bring in more and more members. Adding them to your site, as you just saw, was a piece of cake, wasn’t it?