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Written by Veethi Telang

How to Engage Your Members and Reward them upon Content Completion

Believe us or not, creating a membership site and being able to sell it is only a tiny part of running a successful online business. One of the many complaints membership site owners come to us with is “how do I keep my members subscribed to my site?”, and “how do I make sure that my members are not just consuming my content but enjoying it too?”.

“Through rewards,” we reply!

Aren’t rewards the best way to slip into the good books of your customers? A bonus here and there is an excellent strategy to keep your members engaged and ensure that they keep coming back to you for more.

You may have already created a site on MemberFactory and even managed to sell it to a handful of customers. But, your work doesn’t stop there!

In fact, in order to ensure that they’re loving what you’ve put out – enough to put in a good word for you to their friends – you need to keep their spirits high at every second instance.

So, here’s an easy-peasy way to do it – as soon as a member completes consumption of a lesson/piece of content and marks it as “complete”, shoot a kudos mail to them.

Say that you are thrilled to see how far they’ve come, and show your appreciation by including a link to a bonus PDF, an eBook, a video, or even complimentary access to your other digital products.

The result? The member is super stoked to receive a freebie, and doesn’t shy from moving further ahead in their consumption of your content, thus, keeping their subscription intact. Honestly, who doesn’t like free stuff?

First things first, make sure that you’ve enabled Forced Completion and Lesson Completion Notifications toggles under Site Details.

While the Forced Completion toggle makes sure that your members can mark every page they access as complete, the Lesson Completion Notifications toggle sends automated emails to them every time they finish a lesson/page consumption.

Every Page that you add under every Category on MemberFactory contains a Notification tab, from where, you can edit the automated mail that’s supposed to go to the members after they’ve consumed the content.

Clicking on this takes you to the respective automated email for that lesson/page, as shown below:

Now, put your thinking cap on, and start editing the body of this mail! Think about what kind of reward you wish to give every member who reaches this page and marks it as complete. Simply insert its access link within the body, and make them feel valued and appreciated.

Psst… don’t forget to enable the Send Notification toggle at the bottom!

Click on Save, and the notification email for this page is all set to roll to every member on your site.

A simple practice would be to create a mind map of your entire content on your membership site, and pick key pages to mark as reward triggers. It’s upon you to determine what reward can be placed where, and how well it’s going to engage your members, enough to keep them subscribed to your site!