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Written by Veethi Telang

How to Clone your Membership Site


Imagine a world where the content you’ve created could be targeted to more than one variety of audiences, thereby, shooting up your revenue! You could, of course, tweak a few bits here and there, create a different sales page for each audience, and lure them into purchasing a subscription.

That, however, may not always be possible if there’s just one front for your membership site. An awesome way to target multiple audiences at the same time is to clone your membership site, and position it as per the audience you want to aim at.

Let us give you an example – our dummy membership site on The Hulk Fitness is already targeted towards young fitness enthusiasts who want to learn the secrets to a healthy lifestyle. But, what if you want to target working professionals who have no time to go to the gym? Or, stay-at-home moms who can’t accommodate working out in their schedule? Would the same messaging work for them too? Hell naw!

So, here’s what we do – we clone our original site, add/remove a few bits based on what that particular audience would like, create a brand new sales page, and run a campaign targeted exactly at them. Did we have to work for that audience from scratch? Nope. Did we have to create brand new content for them too? Nah. Did we just hit many birds with one stone? You bet!

That’s the awesomeness of MemberFactory! Create as many sites you want, clone them to reach more than one type of audience, and make mad money!

It’s simple, really. Let us show you how.

Once you’ve Selected MemberFactory from your Invanto App Dashboard, you will reach the list of sites you’ve created with the app so far.

Pick the site you want to clone, click on the Options drop-down menu, and choose Clone Site.

And, up opens a popup in which you’ll put the details of how you want to duplicate your site.

See the screenshot above? Let’s walk you through each field one-by-one:

  • Site Name: Enter a name for your new membership site. Just FYI, the site name is a mandatory field used as a reference and will not appear anywhere on the site!
  • Site URL: A brand new site for ya with the same old content! Notice the “” suffix? Whatever you enter here to create a new site will generate a search engine friendly URL for this cloned site.
  • Clone Plan: Clones the membership plans you’ve created on the original site.
  • Clone Category: Clones all the categories from the original one.
  • Clone Content: Every page added on the original site can be replicated into the new one by enabling this toggle.
Hey-yo! Enabling Plan, Category, and Content toggles will clone everything you have created into the new site. But… you could manually remove them later!
For example, if your original site has 5 categories, but you want only 4 in the cloned one, go to the Content tab from your sales dashboard, and remove it manually.

Fill in the mandatory fields and enable the necessary toggles before you click on the big green Clone Site button! As soon as you do that, the page will refresh, and voilà:

Your main MemberFactory sites list now has a brand new addition!

Wasn’t that the simplest thing to do? Now, go ahead, start tweaking the content and design however way you want, and prep it to be served hot on a platter for an all new audience that wouldn’t have resonated with your old one!