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Written by Veethi Telang

Getting Started: How to Create your First Membership Site


What is MemberFactory?

All set to dive into the whimsical world of MemberFactory? Creating a membership site on MemberFactory’s famous wizard is the easiest three-step process you’ll ever come across.

See for yourself:

Step 1 Enter Site Details
Step 2 Enable Payment Gateways
Step 3

Review and Finish Setup

Let’s take it step by step.

Step 1: Enter Site Details

As soon as you sign up on Invanto and purchase access to MemberFactory, log in and select MemberFactory from the Apps Dashboard by clicking on Access.

From here, click on the bright fuschia Create New Site button, located on the top right corner of your screen.

Welcome to MemberFactory’s Member Site Wizard! As part of Step 1, we’ll enter our site’s details here.

Let’s take, for instance, a membership site about fitness for individuals who want to get fitter and healthier. So, through this membership site, we’d like to offer our members monthly written and image-based content packs on all things fitness.

Don’t get intimidated by the fields yet; once you start filling ‘em up, you’ll realize how easy they are. Here’s a detailed account of every field that you see in the screenshot above:

  • Site Name is where you put up your membership site’s name. Since our site is dedicated to fitness, let’s put up a dummy name like “The Hulk Fitness”.
  • As soon as you fill up the site name, you’ll notice that the field right below it – Site Slug Name – gets auto-populated (followed by This, will be your default site address. You’re welcome to change the slug to anything else of your choice!
  • Next up is Site Description. Pretty self-explanatory, eh? Put up a nice little description of your site to let your members know what the deal is.
  • Select Translation lets you select from translations that you may have already created. Just select the language from the drop-down menu or leave the field as is.
  • Up next: Primary Currency. Select the currency you’d like your subscribers to pay in. US Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Indian Rupees, or even Norwegian Kroner – the options are endless.
  • Moving on to Sales Page URL, where you’ll be putting up the link to your membership site’s sales page.
Hey! You can choose to skip the sales page url, but we recommend that you don’t. Don’t be lazy – create a nice sales page for your site that lets your leads know why they should invest in your membership site. Otherwise, all they’re going to see is a sad “members’ only” page each time they go to your site.
  • Lastly, we have the Site Settings toggles – Enable Site and Show in “Other Products”. While Enable Site lets you enable or disable this site on your account, Show in “Other Products” lets you enable or disable this site’s presence on your other membership sites. For efficient cross promotion in the future, we recommend that you keep it enabled!

With that, this is how Step 1 looks now:

All looks good, let’s hit Next and jump right to step 2.

Step 2: Enable Payment Gateways

How would you like your members to pay you? Enable those payment gateways from here and they’ll get activated as soon as you’re done setting ‘em up.

You can even do a test transaction for each gateway to ensure that things are alright before you open the site up for your members. Once enabled, click on Next.

Step 2 – in the bag.

Step 3: Review and Finish

We’ve added our site’s details. We’ve selected our payment gateways. The last and final leg of the journey is to review the entries once before we proceed.

All looks A-OK! Just in case you wish to edit something, simply click the Back button, edit the detail, come back here, and hit Finish.


And now, for the moment we’ve been waiting for! Is our site ready? Can we see it? Why, of course, we can!

Clicking on Finish in the step above will redirect you to your site’s dashboard. From there, let’s click on Preview Site at the top right corner to see what we’ve created come to life.

Here it is:

Whoa! It’s live and how! See that site name we created and the description on the footer that we added back in Step 1? They’re all here.

Agreed, it all looks kinda sad and empty right now, but hey, now onwards, begins the fun bit – charting out a structure for your membership site, customizations, and managing members. Rest assured, we’re going to leave no stone unturned in transforming this site into a game-changer for your business. Keep reading for more!