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Written by Veethi Telang

Editing Your Members’ Subscriptions

Wish to add/edit payment details of a member’s subscription? Perhaps, refund them for a wrong payment? Or, delete their subscription record altogether? Whether a member has subscribed to your membership site automatically, or you’ve added them manually, their subscription details are all yours to alter.

Let’s see how you can do that in MemberFactory.

From your MemberFactory Sales Dashboard, go straight to the Subscriptions tab.

This will take you to the Subscriptions List, which shows an account of all the members that have subscribed to your membership site.

For example, for our dummy membership site – The Hulk Fitness – we have two members whose subscriptions we can edit anytime.

All details of our members’ subscriptions can be viewed and accessed from here. Let’s say, we want to edit Thor’s subscription details. So, we click on the Edit icon below Options to make the alterations to their account as we so desire.

Let’s take the fields one-by-one, shall we?

  • Membership Plan: Wish to make them switch to a different membership plan? Select that one from the drop down.
  • Transaction Receipt: Got a different transaction receipt (extracted from an offline payment mode not available on MemberFactory)? Enter those details here. If not, the system will generate an auto-receipt for ya!
  • Status: From here, you can change their subscription status. Keep ‘em Active, change it to Cancelled or Expired, depending upon your whim and their desire to continue with you.
  • Amount: Charged them less or more? Edit those details from here.
  • Payment Gateway: Pretty self-explanatory, this field lets you edit the mode through which the member paid you to subscribe.
  • Start Date & End Date: From here, you can set a date onwards which that member can start accessing your content, and stop their access to it, respectively.

And… just in case you want to view/edit their payment history or cancel their subscription for good, go back to the Options field on the Subscriptions List screen, and this time, click on the “i” icon.

From here, you’ll reach the entire Subscription Details account of that particular member. Scroll down further to see their overall payment history. Like this:

See that green Add button towards the bottom right? That’s for when a member has paid you offline, and you want to add a record of their payment details under their subscription details.

Also, you could cancel their subscription at any given time by clicking on the Cancel Subscription button at the top right of the screen.

Quite a straight-forward process, innit? So, start maintaining a detailed account of all your members’ subscriptions from here, and make sure that your membership site’s records are always up to the mark.