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Written by Veethi Telang

How to Link Your MemberFactory and CoachRack Sites to ConsentUp


Learned about GDPR compliance? Check. Discovered the beauty of ConsentUp? Yeah. Figured out how to create your first document? You bet. Now, to the real deal – connecting that document to your existing MemberFactory and CoachRack sites.

The process is simpler than you’d imagine; just select the site you want to map the documents to, enable them, and you’re done. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

From your main ConsentUp screen, select the Sites tab.

This will take you to the Manage Mappings screen, from where, we’ll link our sites to our freshly created set of documents. While the process of linking a MemberFactory and CoachRack site to ConsentUp is identical, let’s take MemberFactory as an example for this tutorial.

The first tab – MemberFactory – opens up to show all your existing sites on the app (Filmmaking Masterclass in our case), and alongside them, all the types of documents available in ConsentUp, ready to be linked.

Linking a Consent Document

Let’s get to selecting a Consent document to link with our domain. Click on Select right under Consent to open all the consent documents you may have created.

There you go – a newsletter subscription consent document that we created in the previous tutorial shows up, and is waiting to be enabled.

Click the toggle alongside to enable it, hit Save, and that’s it – you’ve successfully linked your Consent document with your MemberFactory site.

Linking Privacy Policy, Terms, Cookie Policy, and Affiliate Agreement documents

The process for all four of the above is the same – select the document from under each document type drop-down, and enable the Sign Up toggle for each.

Let’s take Privacy Policy as an example. We click on the drop down menu to select the document we want to link to our MemberFactory site.

Once done, don’t forget to enable the Sign-Up toggle right below it.

There you go! Click on the green Save button, and voila – the Privacy document will show up right when the user signs up to get access to your MemberFactory site, on its Checkout Page.

Just FYI…
Don’t go all bonkers creating policy upon policy for your site. Your site can have a maximum of one contractual document in each document category.
For example, a site can have only one "privacy" document, one "terms & conditions" document, one "cookie policy", and so on. Consent Documents on the other hand, can be as many as you’d like! Kay?

Just to show you, we went ahead and enabled Terms too. See how the MemberFactory checkout page for our site looks like:

How cool and easy was that now? Follow the same process for your CoachRack sites or even your CartFog and AllyHut product sites (listed under Others).

While we handsomely covered the process of linking an Invanto site to your documents in ConsentUp, what about linking external sites? Well, we’ve elaborated on that in our next tutorial. So, read away!