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Written by Veethi Telang

How to Link External Sites to ConsentUp


The process of linking ConsentUp to an external site may not be similar to its Invanto counterpart. But, both processes do have one thing in common – they’re as simple as 123.

In this tutorial, let’s discover how to link ConsentUp to a site that wasn’t built on Invanto,

First things first – select Sites from the main ConsentUp screen.

This will navigate you to the Manage Mappings screen. From here, click on the External tab.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the External tab comprises all the fields that are present under MemberFactory, CoachRack, and Others tabs.

Only this time, the domain isn’t auto-populated. Instead, you add it manually, because, you know, we’re dealing with an external address here. So, let’s add it by clicking on the Add Site button on the top right corner.

The Add Site button opens a popup where you’ll be asked to fill in the Title and Website URL of your external site.

Once you fill in both those details and click Save, the site will be added as a domain. We went ahead by putting up a dummy title and website URL of Wayne Enterprises and, respectively.

And…Ta-Da! It’s here:

Now that our domain is added, let’s connect our fleet of documents to the site one-by-one. Note that the process of adding a Consent document to an external site is similar to that of an Invanto Site, and we’ve covered it here.

There is, however, a slight addition to the process of linking your contractual documents. See that “Get Code” button below Privacy Policy, Terms, and others? In order for the documents to show on your external site, you will have to embed that code in the site’s body/header tag.

Say, you want to map your Privacy Policy document to your external site. First, select the document from the drop-down menu under it and enable the Sign Up toggle.

Once done, click on the Get Code button, and you’ll see the following popup right away:

Just Ctrl+V this entire script code, place it in the body or header tag of your external site, and you’re set!

Every type of document in ConsentUp will provide a different script that you can place on your external site. So, get enabling the necessary documents, and insert their respective codes into your site.

And that, is how you link your fleet of ConsentUp documents to your external site.