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Written by Veethi Telang

Student Experience - Editing Profile and Changing Password

That every student must log into their account in order to be able to access a course or lecture in CoachRack is a known fact. But, what if a student wants to update their email address sometime later? Or, maybe, update their password? Or, change their profile picture to a better one - to, you know, be better visible in the comments they post across your courses?

All of the afore-mentioned are possible in CoachRack right from the Students Area. See for yourself...

It is from here that the student can add details to their profile, update their password, and even upload/change their profile picture. Let's take 'em one by one.

Edit Profile

Quite a handful of fields, eh? Peter can update his account name and email address, and add an address, city, state and country too.

Psst... wondering why details like address, city, state and country are relevant here? This is in case you decide to ship them hard copies/products down the line as part of your business expansion. And, when that day arrives, you wouldn't want to ask every student manually to share their address with you over email now, would you? Hmph.


Change Password

As part of profile tweaking, your student can also update their account password by clicking on the "Change Password" field. Pretty straight-forward, so, let's move on.

Add/Update Profile Picture

Lastly, your student can upload a good-looking profile picture or even change it every now and then by simply hovering their cursor on the profile picture box. Clicking on the Edit button opens up a local folder from which they can select the picture and upload it here.

Neat, huh? Here's a recommendation: as soon as a student signs up on your school, drop these tutorial links in their welcome email to give them a jumpstart on how to start accessing the items they've purchased on your school.