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Written by Veethi Telang

School Management - Customizing Your School’s Menu


Created a bunch of different pages to display on your awesome online school? Super! After all, your school doesn't have to just be limited to the course pages, lecture pages, and a generic homepage. On CoachRack, the sky is your limit, and you can design your school like a full-fledged, high-performing website that has everything neatly aligned on the screen.

Speaking of alignment, the "Menus" in CoachRack let you place Links, Buttons, and Static Pages on your top and footer menus, visible on the header and footer of a page, respectively. Before we jump to customizing them all, let's take a look at the sad, boring default header and footer of our dummy school - The Sound of Music.

As expected, no navigation, no links, no buttons. Time to change that, hmph.

The good news is, any static page that you have created can go on either of these menus. And, not just those - you could place buttons, and sub-menus in these areas, thus, creating an elaborate website that has everything in one place.

As an example, let’s add our newly created About Us page on the top menu of the above page. Follow this simple 3-step process:

Step 1: Create Menu
Step 2: Add Static Page
Step 3: Assign and Save

Again, from your CoachRack sales dashboard, go to the More drop-down tab, and this time, select Site Menus from the Site Management field.

Off we reach to the Menu Manager screen, which is basically where you will be adding as many tabs and external links on your school site.

Now, to add our freshly concocted About Us page from the last tutorial, we first need to create a brand new menu on the Menu Manager screen. So, enter the menu name and slug in the blank fields above (we go with Top Menu), and click on the Create Menu button right below them.

With that, Top Menu will start showing in the list of existing menus. See?

Next, we select our Static Page from the "Page" drop-down on the top left side of this screen, enable the About Us page we just created, and click on the Add to Menu button below it.

The result?

Voila! This page is now part of the top menu we just created.

Want to add links to external pages like your social media portals? Use the Links drop-down button, add their url and link text, and again, click on Add to Menu. They’ll immediately become a part of this menu!

As the final step, let’s assign this to our school by clicking on the Assign button at the bottom.

And, up opens a popup that shows the default locations for this particular website theme – Extended Footer Menu 1, 2, and 3, Main Menu, and Top Menu.

We enable the Top Menu where we’d like this page to go, and click on Save.

That’s it! And now, finally, let’s preview what we just did by clicking on the Preview Site button towards the right on the bright red bar.


There it is – sitting atop the top menu. How easy was that?

We went ahead and assigned the same menu and its pages to the empty footer area as well. See how the original school homepage looks more populated and refined now:

While this is just dummy content, you can create multiple menus such as – Other Products, Social Links, Resources, etc. around your main school.

So, wait no more! Think of all the aspects of your business you’d like to include on your school, create pages and menus for it, and take your site to a whole new level.

Should you face any issues, shoot a query to our support champs, and they’ll help you design the school your students will be proud of being a part of.