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Written by Veethi Telang

Running Your School in Another Language

So, you've identified a target market. That target market is even ready to pay big bucks to learn what you have to teach. The only issue is, they don't speak English. And, your school? It's in English, alright.


Now, what if there was a way to set up your school in English, yes, but change every word on it in another language through some kind of translation feature on the backend?

Say hello (or, should we say, Hola!, Bonjour!, Ni Hao! et al) to Invanto's "Translations Engine".

Step 1: Create a translation for your school site on our Translations Engine.

Step 2: Load that translation from under "Site Details" on CoachRack.

Step 3: Hit Refresh and reload your school on the browser.

Voila! Your school now runs in the very language your target audience is familiar with. How cool is that?

Allow us to quickly show you how to follow steps 1 through 3 using our dummy school - The Sound of Music. We're going to change its language to Spanish.

But... wait!

Note that Invanto's Translations Engine is capable of changing words that are provided by the system. Any inputs you make (your content, descriptions, details etc.) will have to be manually inserted in your school in your chosen language.

Now that we've cleared that up...

Step 1: Creating a translation

Click on Profile & Settings from your Apps Dashboard.

This will take you to your personal arena on Invanto with a handful of tabs - among which, you'll see Translations. Go ahead and click on that!

There's your Phrase Manager! This screen comprises sub-tabs in the form of our apps as well as checkout pages (of course, those need to be shown in your chosen language too!). Since we're creating a translation for our school, let's go ahead and click on the Schools tab.

Now, load your selected language from the "Select Language" drop down, give it a title, and click on Create.

The record of this translation is now created in our system. Right after, click on Load Translations to load the values for all fields, buttons, modals, and other system-generated text on your school below.

Here's what happened when we created a Spanish translation for our school.

Wowza! Do you see the values on the right-hand side? The translations for every word on our site are now shown in Spanish. Fun fact: you can also change the translations if you don't like 'em. Just add the new translation in the dedicated field, and click on Save.

With that, the first step is in the bag.

Step 2: Load Translation in School

Remember back when you created your school for the first time? You must've come across an empty "Select Translation" drop-down menu. Well, that drop-down menu ain't empty anymore!

Let's show you ours. To load our fresh-out-of-the-oven Spanish translation pack for our school - The Sound of Music - we're going to go to More > School Details from our CoachRack sales dashboard.

The Select Translation field, as you can see here, now comes with another option - our Spanish translation from Step 1. Without further ado, we select it, and click on Save.

Step 3: Translation on School Frontend

Preview Site again, and you'll see that all of your system-rendered words have been translated to your chosen language. In our case, Spanish. See?

Obviously, the name of courses, course details, static pages etc. were created in English earlier, and so, the system hasn't changed that. Those, will have to be taken care of by you.

Anyhoo, here's a couple of schools running on Invanto in different languages:

How cool do they look? All thanks to our Translations Engine! So, go ahead, spend some time creating your own translations, and never miss out on a market just because of language barriers.