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Written by Veethi Telang

Managing Your Course: Add Info, Images, Authors, and SEO Details


Did you know #1: CoachRack gives you the ability to add external authors to your courses and even co-author them.

Did you know #2: You can make your courses SEO friendly by adding meta titles and meta descriptions. 

At CoachRack, we’ve thought of and provided all the ways you would need to solidify your coaching business by managing your courses the right way

A quick peek at the Settings drop-down on your course will open up a series of options for you to input all sorts of important information on.


Let’s cover all four of these options one after another.



Consider this section like your very own course sales page. Be as descriptive here as you want – attach videos about the course, jot down all the benefits and perks of purchasing this course, and throw in a few attractive images to make it look like the course details page of your dreams.

Fancy an example of a live course info page built on CoachRack? Click here.

Mind = blown?

That’s how pretty and detailed the Info section can make your course look. It’s an introduction to your months and months of effort. You don’t want to slack here, do you?



Two straightforward options here – Cover and Thumbnail.

While the Cover Image option lets you upload a full-blown banner image for your course on the Info page, the Course Thumbnail image is the one that sets this course apart from tens and hundreds of others on your school page.

SEO Details


Wouldn’t it be an amazing feat to have your course rank high on search engines? A great way to start making your course BFFs with search engine optimization is to put in meta details about your course. This way, any user who searches for information under the niche that your course is in, sooner or later, stumbles upon your course.

Meta title: Your title tag for your course.

Meta Keywords: All the high-ranking keywords that your course’s content is comprised of go here. Simply separate each keyword with a comma.

Meta Description: A two- or three-liner description of what your course is about goes here.




Just like a school or any educational institution has multiple teachers and professors, your online school could have its very own faculty with multiple authors operating in it. All you’ve got to do is just add them as an author against the courses that they’ve created!

As soon as you add them as an author under Team Managament, their name will start showing up in the Author drop-down menu here.

Oh, don’t forget to add a nice picture and a detailed instructor bio for them while you’re at it. #legitimacy

Thazall, folks! Start adding these additional details to your course - wherever applicable - and make it a bestseller on your school.