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Written by Veethi Telang

How to Sell Lectures as Standalone Products on Your School


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you didn’t have to wait until you create an elaborate, full-fledged course on your CoachRack school, before you actually got down to the selling part? It can be a tedious process, yes. Most course creators have, at some point of time, wondered as to how amazing it would be if they could start selling tiny bits of information WHILE creating a course side-by-side.

Creating and selling tinier bits of knowledge has two benefits: A) your learners are more likely to invest their time in this bite-sized training material that’s not only cheaper than a course, but also quicker to consume. And B) it takes next to nothing on your part to create it and make it available for purchase.

This form of training is called “micro-learning”, wherein, you just create lessons/lectures on various topics, and sell them as standalone products from your school. In CoachRack, creating a and selling a lecture is as easy as adding a lesson to your course, which we’ve already covered in one of our previous tutorials.

So, let’s get down to how you can capitalize on the benefits of micro-learning by adding lectures to your school, and speed up your selling process even further!

Creating a Lecture on CoachRack 

The process of adding a lecture on CoachRack is similar to creating a course. Since courses are also standalone products in nature, the same functionality is applicable on lectures too.

From your CoachRack sales dashboard, click on the Lectures tab to add your first lecture.

Next, click on the Add Lecture button, which will open up a popup for you to add your lecture title in.

Say, for example, we’d like to create a lecture on “A Beginner’s Guide to Guitar Playing”.

We enter the title in the field, and off we go to hit Save

Ta-Da! The lecture is now added into the system, and clicking on Save automatically redirects you to the content section under it.

It’s the same ol’ drill – adding content under a lecture is just how you would add content to a lesson. Read our tutorial on adding content to a lesson (link to: How to Add a Course to Your School) to find out how.

Content’s sorted. Now, we move on to setting up a price for it and embellishing it further with images and details.

Adding Pricing, Images, and Info

Just like you would add a pricing plan for a course, you would add a pricing plan for a lecture.

We’ve covered the details on pricing plans here.


The process of adding a pricing plan for courses and lectures may be similar, but the price itself is not. Lectures are individual items of bite-sized information, and so, obviously, they’ll be priced much lower.

Moving on to Images

Add a nice cover image and a thumbnail image for your lecture from here. These images will set one lecture apart from another.

Last, but not the least, the Info tab lets you add information about what this lecture is about. Just like a sales page, if you will.

Using our highly efficient content editor, you can even insert/embed videos and images within the content to make it look more detailed and attractive.

Lectures on your School’s Frontend 

All details entered, all content cooked up. Now, how does a lecture look on your school’s frontend? Where’s the link? How do you or your students access a lecture you just created?

First things first, go back to your Lectures list, and hit on the Enable toggle to make this a part of your school.

Now, just add “/lectures” after your school URL on your browser, and you’ll reach right to the lectures library of your school. Say, our school domain is “”. Adding /lectures to this URL will take us directly to our lectures page.



In order to make this visible and easily accessible to your students, our recommendation is that you create a button for Lectures on your top menu or your footer.

Erm… what menus?

Read our tutorial on customizing your school’s site menus here. Simply add a button called “Lectures”, and link it to your lectures page. 

Selling tinier bits of information and creating a buildup for your elaborate courses was never this easy! Now that you know what Lectures on CoachRack are capable of, start populating the section right away and quicken your selling process.