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Written by Veethi Telang

How to Manage Orders on Your School


One school. Hundreds of courses. Umpteen pricing models - individual course plans and subscriptions. How do you keep track of it all? With "Orders", of course!

Every time an order is placed anywhere on your school, its details reflect right under the Orders tab within your school's backend of CoachRack. For example, so far, we have just two students who have enrolled into our school of music. But hey, the number is only going to increase with time!

With a handful of stats of its own, this tab gives you an account of all the financial stats of all your students. But, that's just... numbers. Can you do more? Why of course, you can! Keep readin'.

Before we jump to the order tweaking, let's quickly take a look at what these columns you see in the screenshots above mean:

  • Item: The course or the lecture that has been bought by a student.
  • Plan: If it's an individual course purchase, it'll show the pricing plan name, eg. Basic. If, on the other hand, this order was placed under a subscription plan on your school, the plan name will show as Credit.
  • Email: The email the student used to purchase this item.
  • Amount: The price they paid goes here.
  • Times Billed: The number of times the "Amount" has been paid to you.
  • Total Billed: A cumulative figure representing how much they've been billed so far (eg: in case of a recurring payment plan or a subscription plan).
  • Refund: Any refunds made on this item? The amount goes here.
  • Order date: The date on which the order for this item was placed.
  • Expiry: The date on which their purchase becomes invalid - meaning, they'll no longer be able to access this item they've just spent their moolah on.
  • Status: Active? Cancelled? Expired? The color changes accordingly.

Fun Fact...

If, at any point of time, you want to revoke a student's access to any of your courses or lectures, just come here, locate their order for that particular course or lecture, and delete it using "Options". This still keeps their access to items in your school intact (you know, in case they've bought multiple items), but will no longer give them access to this very course/lecture that you just erased the order of.

Moving on...

Did you know, that you could refund an order right from this tab? No need to dabble in between dashboards and go back and forth with the student. Allow us to show you how.

Now, notice the three buttons under "Options"? They're Details, Edit, and Delete - in that order.

The Details button (i), gives you a detailed account of the order by a user, their payment history, and even the option for you to refund them right there. Let's check out Stephen Strange's order in detail as an example:

In here, not only do we see all the details of Stephen's order for a particular item, but can also refund his payment for this order right here. Just gotta click on the Refund icon under "Actions", and you're all set.

Psst... remember that actual payment will be refunded from here only if the student used Stripe payment gateway to make the payment. In all other cases, you may need to log in to your payment gateway account and refund the payment from there as well.

The Edit icon, on the other hand, lets you make tweaks to this student's payment stats such as the order date, the amount, and if any gateway fee was involved in the payment process.

And, last, but not the least, the Delete icon lets you erase this order from your list of Orders. Oh, and notice that "Cancel Subscription" button on the top right of the screenshot above? That lets you terminate this subscription for this student after their order has been deleted, or you no longer want to receive any further payments from the student. Quite handy for recurring payment plans, eh?

So, that's about it for the Orders tab in CoachRack. While the record for all orders is mantained for you in one place, you can always export the data anytime using the "Export" button on the Orders screen.