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Written by Veethi Telang

How to Award Certificates to Your Students upon Course Completion


Remember Sports Day back in school, when every student received a cool certificate for something as little as participation in the sports activities? We’ll be honest – as a kid, that acknowledgement made our day!

Now that was for when we were little. Today, however, certification holds enough value for employers to evaluate potential hires, and motivate students to hone their skills and knowledge.

They’re the ultimate seal on your student’s proficiencies and capabilities. And, if not that, sometimes, they’re a token of appreciation for your student for having finished your training one way or another.

Either way, we’re a fan of certification! And, one of CoachRack’s biggest strengths is to allow coaches like you to award certificates to your students, every time they complete a course.

Psst… certification is also a secret weapon, you know, revenue wise. The same course can be sold at two price points – with and without certification. Sell the latter at a much higher price, obviously, and you’re in the big league without putting in any extra effort!

So, what's with the wait? Let's check out the ultimate tool to laud your students' efforts and make big bucks simultaneously.

From inside your course - on the Curriculum page - click on the Certificates tab.

See those two sub-tabs - System and Custom? While System certificates are the ones we've provided, Custom allows you to upload your own designs (you know, in case you don't like ours). Let's check 'em out one by one:



Clicking on the System sub-tab takes you to our pre-set designs that you can choose from.

Once you choose the design that speaks best for your brand and goes with the tone of your course, just click on Select alongside the name of the certificate design to set it.

Next step - configuring your chosen certificate design. This means, adding your company name and logo, your signature, and other branding on our default design. For that, just click on Settings on the top-right corner of this screen, and up opens a popup with two options - Details and Branding

Under Details, we put our company info like company name, address, and role, and also upload a logo and signature that'll reflect on the chosen certificate.

Under Branding, on the other hand, we get to change the default copy of the certificate. You know, in case you want to add additional information, or make it sassier.

FYI; just leave the short tags ({}) as they are as the system is responsible for picking them up based on the student that downloads this certificate. Kay?

Click on Save, and you're all set! Now, while that's all about choosing one of CoachRack's default certificates, what about your own design?



From the same Certificates drop-down, this time, click on Custom to reach this screen.

From here, click on the red Add New button that lets you create your own certificate. Now, before we click on that, there's a handful of things you need to ensure:

  1. Download a sample custom certificate by clicking here. This link contains a sample logo, thumbnail, and a .twig file of the certificate. Speaking of...
  2. Your certificate design must be in .twig format. If you've designed a certificate yourself or had a designer design one for you, just use one of the many online file converters to convert the image into .twig format.
  3. Keep your logo, thumbnail, and .twig file saved in a folder. Rename the logo file to logo.png, thumbnail to thumbnail.png, and certificate as certificate.twig.
  4. Lastly, these three files need to be saved in a folder on our File Manager. Say, your folder name is "Custom Certificate". This is the very name you will give to your folder in our File Manager.

Now that the requisites are out of the way, let's click on Add New to upload our own custom design!

This, is the Certificate Details popup that requires you to add a title and the name of the folder for your custom certificate. So, let's go with a generic certificate title called "My first Custom Certificate".

Next, we fill in the Folder Name field: custom-certificate-1.

Right after that, we click on Manage Files, and upload our certificate folder stored in our machine. Here's the sequence you follow on the File Manager:

Create Folder by the name of "custom-certificate-1" > Upload logo.png, thumbnail.png, and certificate.twig > Click on "Insert".

As soon as you do it, your empty Custom certificate design screen will see a brand new addition that goes by the name of your Certificate Title - in this case, "My First Custom Certificate".


All you need to do is click on "Select", and it'll become your default certificate design for this course. How cool and simple was this now?

Now, now, we know what's going on in your mind - "this looks good, but how and where will my students receive their certificate?"

Allow us to clarify. As soon as a student has completed a course, they can go back to their students' area, and will see this nifty little button called "Download Certificate".

It is from here that they'll be able to download the very custom-designed certificate that you issued for this particular course.

Easy-peasy, eh? So, go ahead, invest a little on an awesome certificate design and acknolwege your students' hard work for studying your course and passing it with flying colours.