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Written by Veethi Telang

How to Add a Course to Your School – Part II



"Multimedia courses convert better", they said. You know what, they're not entirely wrong. Multimedia courses are more attractive in today's e-learning age, but god, do they take a whole lot of effort! So, at CoachRack, we've ensured that your media uploads are super simple, clutter-free, and most importantly, always up and running.

Now, you already know how to add text lessons to your course. In this tutorial, we'll walk you through uploading videos, audio podcasts, and several attachments as lessons, and create a full-blown power-packed multimedia course. Let's take 'em one by one.


Uploading a Video Lesson

Reach to your course's Curriculum, and select the Section you wish to add a video lesson to.

Next, click on Add Lesson, which will, again, open up a popup that requires you to add a nice lesson title and select lesson type. This time, we select Video.

Click on Save, and you reach inside this lesson. Now, all the details under the Detail tab remain the same, except, this time, when you switch to the Content tab, you see this instead of our content editor:

Is that the most straight-forward way of uploading a video or what? Simply click on the Upload icon towards the right, and insert your video lesson file on the File Manager pop-up that opens.


FYI #1; Since all your files are hosted on Invanto's very own cloud, there's no limit on the data you can upload. However, make sure that every file that you put up is under 500 MB as that's the system's size limit for individual videos, audios, and other multimedia files.

FYI #2: Wondering what format to create and upload your videos in? CoachRack supports .mp4, .mkv, .flv, .webm, .mpeg, and .3gp. Go on, upload all you want! [*adjusts sunglasses*]

With that, our video is successfully uploaded to the lesson! How about we check it out on the front-end? Let's click on the Preview towards the top-right of our screen to see.

That. Is. Pretty. Awesome. Yeah?

Uploading an Audio Lesson

Similarly, you upload an audio file by choosing "Audio" type from the Add Lesson popup.

Switch to the Content tab, and click on the Upload icon.

FYI #3: Supported formats for audio files are .mp3 and .wav.


Insert your audio file on the File Manager pop-up, and click on Save.

As soon as you're done uploading, your audio file will appear like this on your lesson's frontend:

Uploading an Attachment as a Lesson

So, you want to upload a downloadable bunch of items in your lessons. That's easily possible with CoachRack, as long as you select Attachments as the lesson type.

It's the same ol' drill again, only this time, you upload a PDF, .docx, ZIP file into the File Manager that contains your attachments. Note; currently, these are the only three formats supported by CoachRack, but we'll soon be adding more. Kay?

That said, here's how an attachment type lesson looks on the frontend:

Well, now that you know how to go about adding different types of lessons to your course, wouldn't it be amazing to create an elaborate course that contains all sorts of lesson types, thus, covering all the aspects of your topic?

Our course on Become a Guitar Pro in 30 Days is now ready to be rolled out. Let's check out how it looks on our school, and what our prospective students will see when they click on it. Click on View Courses to go back to your Course listing page, and click on the tiny "eye" icon to preview the course.


With that, unveiling: "Become a Guitar Pro in 30 Days", by yours truly...

As you can see in the screenshot above, this is how our course looks - without all the jazz and prettification. But hey, we're one step ahead now, aren't we? in the next tutorial, let's show you how to set up a price for your course. We're excited for this to sell hard, aren't you?