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Written by Veethi Telang

Getting Started: How to Create your First School


It’s a big deal, we know. Deciding to launch your first ever school online. A school where you will shell out the secrets to your learnings that you’ve acquired over the years. And, CoachRack lets you do that (and more) with more ease than you could ever imagine. 

Creating a school in CoachRack is an easy-peasy three-step process, courtesy our straight-forward School Wizard.

Once you finish setting up your school, you’ll then move on to the second leg of your online coaching journey – adding courses. But… we’ll get to that in the later tutorials.

For now, let’s focus on laying the brass tacks to our first school, kay?

So, as soon as you log into your Invanto account, you will see our vibrant Apps Dashboard. Simply click on “Access” under CoachRack or select the “Apps” dropdown to choose the app.


And now, click on the big bright button – Create New School – to get started on our School Wizard.


Step 1: Enter School Details

What would you like to call your school? What currency are the transactions going to be in? What language do you prefer running it in? All those details go here in this section.

For the purpose of this tutorial and the ones that follow, let’s create a sample school on music learning for customers who want to learn to play musical instruments. And, we also have a cool name for it - “The Sound of Music”.

Through this school, we’d like to offer our students courses on guitar, keyboards, flute, etc. 

With that, let’s take the fields one by one, shall we?

  • School Name: Enter a nice name for your school that will, later, become the brand you will be known for. Ours, for instance, would be “The Sound of Music”.
  • Site Slug: Notice how the field got auto-populated as soon as you put in a school name? This, is the default URL for your school site created in our system. Followed by “”, this whole system-generated string will redirect to your school site whenever someone types it in on their browser.
  • School Description: Herein comes an elaborate description of what your school is going to be about. For example, for our school, this is what we’d write:

    Has learning a musical instrument always been a dream for you? Learn a wide variety of musical instruments with an elaborate series of courses comprised of quality techniques, and hone your hidden skills in music. The Sound of Music aims at spreading the joy of music so that it is accessible to everyone across the globe.”

  • Select Translation: Fancy running a school in your own language? Interestingly enough, CoachRack supports almost every spoken language on the planet. This field lets you select from translations that you may have already created under Utilities. Just select the language from the drop-down menu or leave the field as is if you wish to keep it to English.
  • Primary Currency: The currency you choose here will reflect under every item you decide to sell on your school. It is the currency you will do all transactions in.

Psst… Be very, very careful in choosing the currency for your school, as you will only choose it once. As soon as you make the first sale, you won’t be able to come back here and switch to a different currency. Alright?


With that, it looks like Step 1 is complete, and this is how it looks now:

Time to jump to Step 2 and set up payment gateways.


Step 2: Enable Payment Gateways

CoachRack supports two of the most prominent global payment gateways that your prospective students can pay you through – Stripe and PayPal. Simply enable the “Enable” toggle against the gateway you want to transact in. For instance, if we select PayPal, the next thing we’re supposed to do is set it up for our school by clicking on the Settings button.

Doing so opens up a popup asking for your PayPal email. Enter your PayPal email here, and click Save to complete the setup.

If, on the other hand, you want to enable Stripe, enable the toggle alongside it, and click on the Connect button.

This, will take you to the Stripe authentication page, wherein, you will be asked to add your business details. Enter the details, and click on “Authorize access to this account”.

….and, with that, payment gateway setup is complete!


Step 3: Review and Finish Setup

Let's take a moment to review everything we've entered so far, shall we?

Everything looks A-ok! Just in case you want to tweak something, just click on the Back button, and make the change. Since our details look fine here, we’re going to go ahead and click on Finish.

And, with that, we’re done setting up our school on CoachRack! Now, for the moment we’ve been waiting for! Is our school ready? Can we see it? Why, of course, we can!

Clicking on Finish in the step above will redirect you to your school’s dashboard.


From there, let’s click on Preview Site at the top right corner to see what we’ve created come to life.

"Wait... this doesn't look like my school.", "This has Invanto's logo on it!", "How can I make this woman with headphones go away?"

Oh, nothing. Just some of the immediate reactions from users just like you! We know, nothing to write home about for now. But hey, in the later tutorials, we’ll shed light on exactly how to populate this school page with a fleet of courses, brand it as per your liking, and most importantly, prettify it beyond your imagination.

Exciting times ahead – keep reading.