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Written by Veethi Telang

When to Use “Is Recurring” or “One Time” for a Product

So many products. So many variations. CartFog allows you to offer a world of products to your customers, but how you offer them defines how successful they really are. For instance, the rules to offering an information-laden PDF may differ from, say, a limited-period access course, membership site, software, or a plugin.

In that case, how would you have the user make a payment for purchasing either? It’s simple – determine the nature of your product and enable either of the settings – Is One Time or Is Recurring – in CartFog’s settings area.

While the Is One Time toggle lets your customer make the payment for the product all at once, the Is Recurring toggle lets them break the payment down into multiple installments for a set period of time. This not just eases the customer’s payment hassles in terms of bigger, more expensive products, but also makes them keep coming back to you regularly.

Now, let’s say that you’re offering access to a stock image membership site as one of your products. You’ve activated a drip-based content setting within it, which lets the customer pay for a monthly subscription to the site in exchange for continuous access.

On the other hand, if you were offering a PDF or any product whose nature is that of a one-time consumption, enabling the Is One Time toggle would be the way to go.

To conclude, Is Recurring is an ideal setting for subscription-based products, whereas, Is One Time works best for smaller and easily downloadable products.

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