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Written by Veethi Telang

When to Enable “Trial” for your Product

Did you know, you can offer a limited-period trial access of your product in CartFog? Many subscription-based products come with a trial period of 7–30 days, and you could do the same for your product too – all on CartFog.

Interestingly though, setting up a trial access makes no sense for an information product that’s digitally downloadable. Like, a PDF or a video. Your customer will pay a fraction of the total amount and download the entire product the very next second.

Imagine getting to own an entire movie just by paying for its theatrical poster. That’s an insane business move, and you know it.

This functionality is perfect if the product that you’re offering is access to a course or a membership site. You could offer, say, a 7-day access to first two modules or categories, thus, nudging the customer to purchase the whole course after that.

This Trial setting in CartFog can be efficiently brought into use just for that purpose. To access it, go to Product Details under More from the list of tabs on the top of your screen.

Select the Trial tab.

Enable the Trial toggle to active the trial for your product. Otherwise, it stays disabled for good.

The Trial Price field lets you put a fraction of the original price you’re selling your product for. For example, if the original price of your product is $100, your trial price could be for $10.

Obviously, your Trial Period will be defined by how much you’ve set your Trial Price for. We think, for $10, a customer should be able to enjoy at least 15 days of using your product, no?

We’ve enabled the toggle. We’ve set the Trial Price, and selected the Trial Period. Here’s how the fields look like now:

Click on Save, and your trial offering begins!

Once your customer’s 15 days are over, they’ll automatically lose access to your product. Then, they’ll either have to buy the product by paying the original price, or permanently bid it goodbye. So, send them an email with a link to the full download, and remind them to purchase the entire product.