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Written by Veethi Telang

What is CartFog

So, you got an idea for a cool information product. You create it, and promote it. A month later, you get another idea. You work hard on it too – create it, and promote it. And, you keep doing this with no rhyme or reason because you thought that’s the limit.

Individual creation and promotion is where it ends for all your products.

The more you promote, the more you’re likely to earn.

The only problem is that this is a strategy we like to call “the headless chicken”.

You may have created a fantastic big-value product already. But, did you know that, in order to maximize its value and make mad amounts of moolah along the way, you need to create a sales funnel

Inside it, is where you build and streamline a suite of highly related digital products for your prospects and customers.

This vast variety of products and services (upsells, downsells, and bonuses) will be included in your sales funnel at different price points – from low-priced products to turn-prospects-into-customers products, all the way to premium-priced products.

And, CartFog is just the tool you need to create high-performing sales funnels for your business.

It’s a thoroughly thought out online cart builder that lets you sell and manage both downloadable digital products like e-books, reports, audios and videos, and subscription-based products like courses and membership sites, and much more.

These products can be effortlessly integrated into your core product, thus, increasing your customers’ overall cart value.

What sets CartFog apart from other cart builders of similar nature is that it can be seamlessly integrated with other Invanto products.

So, it doesn’t matter if you have multiple membership sites running on MemberFactory or a series of courses on CoachRack. Through CartFog, you can link all your products with both, and have them operate seamlessly.

Top Features of CartFog

1. Create and sell unlimited products and divide them into upsells, downsells, and bonuses for a high-converting sales funnel without any additional charges.

2. Easily customize what is shown on your cart, checkout and delivery pages. Choose from a variety of our templates and customize them as per your product needs, using our friendly editor.

3. Create a private customer area which runs on your own domain and map your existing membership sites and online courses to it.

4. Boost your sales experience with CRM-ready email templates for every step of the process.

5. See which of your products is performing best with in-depth sales analytics and a full sales history. Also get a revenue forecast that lets you plan your business accordingly.

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