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Written by Veethi Telang

Selling eBooks (and other Downloads) via Email

That you can sell as many digital products as you want from CartFog is known to all. But, what if you want the customer to skip the whole ordeal of logging into a Client Area to access what is just a tiny eBook or a PDF? Our friend Mike here asked a valid question, and we came up with a nifty little workaround to make that happen.

Through this neat hack, your customers can access your eBook or any other downloadable product right from their very first checkout email.

You see, currently, when a customer enters their card details and clicks on Checkout on the order page of your product, they’re sent an automatic Welcome email which also consists of their Client Area login information. This one:

How about you edit the text here, remove the client access details bit (their Client account is created anyway, but they don’t need to know that), and get straight to the point?

Just copy paste the link of your downloadable product right within the email! This eliminates any need for the customer to go to their Client Area, put in their login details, and only then, getting to access the product they just purchased. Hmph.

All you’ve got to do is change the Welcome email from CartFog’s dashboard, and place the download link within it. That’s all, really. It’s incredibly easy – check out this cool tutorial on email template customization to do it.

So, we altered the Welcome email text for our CartFog product 101 Tips to Lose Weight, and this is what we received upon purchasing the same product:

There you go! Sweet, huh? Got any other ideas to share with us? We promise to pass them along. Write to us on [email protected], and let our support heroes take it from there.