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Managing your Product in CartFog


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Did you know that you can play around with almost all the settings of your product in CartFog? We say almost because except for currency change post sales, you can pretty much change the face of your product as you desire.

Allow us to explain in detail – CartFog allows you to change the nature of your product’s billing, put it up for a trial, or even add a thumbnail to distinguish it from the long list of products in your kitty.

All this – and more – can be done by going to Product Details, and you’re ready to play! So, let’s show you how.

As you already know by now, access your product from the Product List, as shown below, and click on Manage.

You’ll reach the product’s Sales Dashboard, from where, you’ll have to select Product Details after clicking on the More drop down button on the purple tab menu.

This will take you to the Product Details section, on which you will see multiple tabs.

Let’s dive into the details of each, shall we?

1. Details

The Details tab, as you can see in the screen above, displays the details you had put in while creating the product. You’re free to change them at any point of time.

2. Pricing

The Pricing tab displays the particulars of how much your product costs, and how frequently you’ve set your customers’ billing settings for. And, we’ve already warned you about it in our previous tutorial – you cannot change the currency once your product makes a sale. The rest, is of course, editable as per your whim.

3. Trial

Next up is the super cool Trial tab, which lets you offer your product on a trial basis. Remember how some software and apps come with a 7-day or 14-day trial version? Yep, you can set up a trial version for your product too! Simply insert a Trial Price and set up a Trial Period, and you’re done.

BTW… our PDF product on “101 Tips to Lose Weight” is not the wisest choice to set up a trial for. Think about it – how will you be able to restrict its access after the trial period is over? Your customers already downloaded the PDF and consumed all the information at once!
How and when exactly you can capitalize on this super-useful feature is covered in our concept here (link to “When to Enable “Trial” for your Product” Concept).

4. Mapping

Got a course on CoachRack or a membership site on MemberFactory? This incredibly awesome feature lets you connect CartFog to both.

We’ve already told you about the effortless compatibility of this app with other products on our platform. Mapping is how it happens – and you can read through this detailed tutorial to learn how to do it.

5. Description

Mention all the benefits of your products that your customers can capitalize on. Tell them why it stands out from the others out there, and increase the chances of a customer to purchase it. Just like we’ve done it here for our PDF product on Weight Loss.

6. More

But wait… there’s more! The last tab on this screen is a drop down menu. Through this one, you can upload a product as an attachment, put up a thumbnail and cover picture for it to differentiate it from other products in the system, and put up a tracking code to track where you’re getting your customers from. Yep, we’ve covered everything for ya!


Lets you upload a downloadable digital product, and delete an attachment as well.


Lets you set up a thumbnail and cover picture for your product. Simply click on the Upload icon on the right side of the screen, and prettify your product!


If you’re using Google Analytics, Facebook’s Conversion Tracking Pixel, or any other tracking tool, copy-paste the tracking code in this box, and hit Save. Soon, your analytics dashboard will start displaying all the details of user activity happening on your product’s sales page.

And that, dear Coach, is how you play around with a product in CartFog. So, what are you waiting for? Start adjusting the settings and make it an irresistible product that your audience can’t afford to say NO to.