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Written by Veethi Telang

How to Link a CartFog Product to Your MemberFactory and CoachRack Sites


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Created a new product? Great!

Set its pricing? Awesome!

Added additional details in it? Wowza!

You’re this close to start generating extra income, courtesy the irresistible product you just created in CartFog. By now, you have a pretty good idea about how you’re practically leaving money on the table if you’re not offering your customers more than just your core product.

What we’re going to be discussing in this tutorial, is going to put the income you generate in overdrive. Through the product you’ve just built, you can now increase the visibility of your course on CoachRack or membership site on MemberFactory with a simple feature we like to call Mapping.

To every customer that purchases your product, you can easily push your course or site as an upsell, and give them access. The result of this exciting activity? You obtain $$$ from the product sales (obviously!), and the customer discovers that there’s a series of courses and other products that you’re offering on your site.

And… don’t we all know this simple fact -

More visibility = more sales.

Mapping is just one of the myriad other ways of leveraging this CartFog product you’ve just built. So, let’s get right to it.

Pay heed to the following two steps to get started:

Step 1 Select Product
Step 2 Map Product to Course/Site

Step 1: Select Product

Select the product you want to map to an existing CoachRack course or MemberFactory site from your CartFog Product List, and click on Manage. We’re going to go ahead with our “101 Tips to Lose Weight” PDF product, which we’ve decided to link to both our fitness membership site and course.

Next, go to the More drop-down menu on the purple bar on your Sales Dashboard, and select Product Details.

Done? This will take you to the multiple tabs screen of your product, from where, you’ll select the Mapping tab.

Down with Step 1. Onto Step 2.

Step 2: Map Product to Course / Site

In order to map your product to an existing CoachRack course or MemberFactory site, you’ll have to add its details in this section. But fret not – it’s barely a few fields that you need to take care of.

That said, click on the green Add New button towards the top right of the Mapping section.

Since we’ve never mapped any course or site before, this field will obviously display no records. But, that’s going to change now!

Clicking on Add New will open up a pop up window called Mapping. Exhibit A:

Let’s cover mapping a MemberFactory site first. So, you select the site from the drop down menu, which opens up another field called Select Plan. Here it is:

It’s easy to navigate between courses and membership sites, as each entry in this drop down has a prefix attached to it – Membership or School. As you can see above, we selected our MemberFactory site called Weight Loss Made Simple, and up came an additional field called Select Plan.

Now… unless you offer membership on your MemberFactory site under multiple pricing plans, you have nothing to worry about. Just select Basic from the drop down, and the product will be linked. If, however, you have multiple pricing plans, select the one you want to link your product to. This way, other plans of your site won’t be accessible via this product.

We selected “Basic” from the drop down, and hit Save.

To link a CoachRack course on the other hand, select your School from the Select Site drop down menu. This will open up Course, followed by Select Plan.

School selected. Course chosen. Plan opted. This is how the pop up looks now:

All done. Hit Save. You’ll be redirected to the Product Details screen. How about we click on the Mapping tab again, and see what we created?

Pretty, huh? From Options on extreme right, you can delete a site or course whenever you want, and your product will no longer be linked to it.

There you have it – your product is now successfully mapped to your course / membership site! Now comes the part where you plug your site into your product, and start garnering mad visibility for it, and from there, your other offerings.