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How to Create an Upsell or a Downsell in CartFog


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Hooked, aren’t you? The concept of sales funnels is too enticing to ignore. After all, upsells and downsells are the lifeblood of a business model. Your customer buys a product, sees an additional offer that charms them, and decides to shell out more than they had initially planned on. You make more. They go home with more. Win-win.

In CartFog, creating this funnel path is literally as straightforward as it sounds. Now, we’ve already created a tempting PDF product on 101 Tips to Lose Weight. Let’s add our CoachRack course on Weight Loss Made Simple as an upsell to it.

Furthermore, let’s also create a downsell for the course – a smaller, cheaper PDF product. So, in case they turn down our course (why tho…), this, they won’t be able to say no to. Hmph!

Creating an Upsell

Once you’re in the Sales Dashboard of your product, start by clicking on Funnel on the purple tab bar at the top of your screen.

This will take you to the Funnel screen which looks like this:

See that green Add Item button up top? Click on it to open a pop up where we’ll add our upsell.

Put in the name of your upsell in the Title field. For example, in our case, we’ll put the name of our CoachRack course – Weight Loss Made Simple.

For Product, obviously, is a default setting for our PDF product. However, if you have multiple products in your CartFog product list, select the one you want to create an upsell for with this drop down menu.

Is Enabled, as you already know, activates this particular item as an upsell.

Create New shows Upsell as the default (and mandatory) setting. Wanna change it to downsell? Simply select it from its drop down menu.

The Sales Page URL field pertains to your upsell’s sales page. In our case, the sales page of Weight Loss Made Simple – our CoachRack course.

BTW… if you don’t add a sales page URL for your upsell here, your customers will directly jump from your product’s checkout page to the upsell checkout page. No context, no briefing, no proper “yo-you-can-buy-my-awesome-course-with-this-PDF-for-just-$XXX!” message.
Adding the sales page URL will not just create a layer between the two checkout pages, but also increase the chances of them purchasing your upsell.

So, anyway, we added all the necessary info in their respective fields, and here’s what the popup looks like now:

Hit Save, and you will be redirected to the Product Funnel screen, that, if you can recall, looks pretty similar to the Product Details screen. Just in case you can’t, here’s our tutorial on managing your Cartfog products to refresh your memory.

Update your upsell’s details – pricing, trial (if you’re giving one), and description, and whatever else you want to include.

Now, since our upsell is a CoachRack course, the next step is to map it to our PDF product. Our in-depth tutorial on linking a CartFog product to a CoachRack course covers the specifics on that, so, go ahead and read it.

Hit Save after mapping your course to this product, and there you have it – your upsell, ready to be served piping hot along with your product.

Just in case you were curious, hit Funnel on the purple tab again, and you’ll see a neat little box containing all the details of the upsell you just created:

Scroll towards the right on this box, and you will be able to edit all its info, or even delete it as an upsell anytime you want by clicking the tiny icons under Action.

That’s all it takes to create an upsell on CartFog! How about a nice little downsell now?

Creating a Downsell

The same initial steps follow while creating a downsell too, until you reach the pop up where you’ll be asked to add the details of your product. And, add details we did.

Notice that we changed the For Product field to our upsell instead of the main product? Downsells can only be added to the upsell, so, remember to make that selection.

Tell you what…
Downsells are usually priced cheaper than the upsell. So, if a customer turns down our upsell – the fabulous $299 CoachRack course – they will be redirected to this cute little downsell that’s just too difficult to turn down. Because we priced it at just $25.

Coming back to the screen, hit Save and again, you’ll be redirected to the Product Funnel screen, just like in the case of the upsell. Only this time, we’re going to manually upload the PDF of the downsell as an attachment.

Attachment uploaded. Details entered. Let’s go to Funnel again, and see how crystal clear the overall path of your funnel looks:

Wowza! Now that’s a well-functioning sales funnel right there! Go ahead, give it a go for your army of products – we promise, once you begin, you’re never going to get enough.

For any questions regarding the process, feel free to reach out to our support heroes at [email protected].