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Written by Veethi Telang

How to Create a Digitally Downloadable Product in CartFog


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Clearly, getting a few clients here and there is not enough to skyrocket your income. We’ve already nailed the idea behind how you can offer your TG much, much more than just one product. So, let’s get the ball rolling by creating your first digitally downloadable product in CartFog.

All it takes is a simple 3-step setup, and you can then decide how you’d like to offer it to your audience.

Step 1 Enter Product Details
Step 2 Review & Finish
Step 3 Upload Product as Attachment

First action – Select CartFog from your Apps Dashboard by clicking on Access.

This will take you to CartFog’s Product List section, which will appear empty to you because this will be your first product. Click on the big fat fuschia button on the top right corner of the screen – Create New Product.

Now begins Step 1.

Step 1: Enter Product Details

You’ll enter our awesome CartFog Product Wizard, where you’ll be adding the details of your product. This is how it looks:

Now, let’s take, for example, your core product is a home based study course on Weight Loss. And, you want to offer an informatory PDF on “101 Tips to Lose Weight” via CartFog as one of the products to your audience. So…

Product Name will have the title of your product. In this case, “101 Tips to Lose Weight”.

The nifty little toggle under Product Name called Bypass Thank You Page lets you eliminate the need for an extra page (which comes by default) to thank your customers after they’ll purchase your PDF product. Enabling this toggle will redirect your customers to your client area login page. You know, just in case you mean business, and don’t want to express your gratitude or anything.

Is Enabled, of course, enables the product so that it’s active.

Sales Page URL is the domain on which you’ll be selling the PDF. In order for the product to be visible to your audience, you’ll need a sales page with a Download Product / Buy Product button.

Set Quantity is an interesting toggle, for it allows you to limit the total downloads of your audience. Enabling this toggle opens up a sub-category called Quantity, where you can enter the number of downloads you want to restrict your product to.

For instance, if you want to just enable 100 downloads of the PDF (say, on first-come-first-serve basis), you can enable this toggle. After the 100th download, CartFog will automatically disable the download of the product for you. Pretty cool, yeah?

All entries made, all toggles enabled – this is how the first step looks like after completion.

Hit Next, and Step 1 is in the bag. Time for Step 2.

Step 2: Review & Finish

Gotta review those details you just entered! Take a quick peek before you hit Finish.

Everything looks A-OK. We’re ready to hit Finish.

Step 3: Add Product as Attachment

Clicking on Finish in Step 2 will redirect you to your CartFog Sales Dashboard. But, wait… you’ve only done the setup yet. You’ve got to upload the product too!

For that, click on the More drop down menu from the tab section, and select Product Details.

Done? This will take you to the Product Details screen with multiple tabs, one of which is More (hellow again!). Click on it, and you’ll see Attachments.

Clicking on Attachments will take you here.

See that tiny upload icon towards the right? Clicking on it will open up our explorer screen. Upload your PDF there, and click on Insert.

Once the upload is complete, hit Save.

Congratulations! You just added your first product to CartFog. We know, we know. The excitement of it is insurmountable.

The next few steps will involve setting up your product’s price, enabling payment gateways, among others. Happy CartFogging!