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How to Add Bonuses in CartFog


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What’s better than selling a product for $100? Selling the same product for $120, and tagging a $20 product with it – FREE, FREE, FREE. See what we did there?

Bonuses are awesome, and a neat little trick to tame the caveman brains of customers. They get excited receiving something additional without paying a dime for it, while you, the smart coach, slide into their good books for life.

All you’ve got to do is tag a free product along with your main offering, and BAM – everybody’s happy.

In CartFog, adding bonuses to a product is just a 3-step process. Since our product is a PDF called 101 Tips to Lose Weight, let’s add a teeny-tiny “Planner: 7-Day Flat Belly Diet” PDF as bonus to it.

Step 1 Add New Product
Step 2 Put in Details
Step 3 Upload as Attachment

Here we go with Step 1.

Step 1: Add New Product

Start by selecting the product you want to create a bonus for from the Product List, and click on Manage.

Next, click on Bonuses on the purple tab bar at the top of your screen.

This will take you to the Bonus screen, as displayed below.

Go ahead – hit that green Add New button to open up a popup screen where you’ll be asked to put in the details of your bonus.

Enter an attractive title for your bonus in the Title field, along with a cool Bonus Description.

The Is Enabled toggle, of course, activates this bonus for your product.

Now, switch tabs to Attachment, and you’ll see an upload icon that takes you to our explorer. Upload your bonus PDF there, and hit Save.

Currently, CartFog supports only .PDF and .ZIP files as bonuses. So, whatever your bonus is, make sure it complies with the format.

Details in, attachment uploaded. This is what the popup looks like now:

Well, well, well, look what we have here! A brand new bonus item for your product in CartFog:

Edit its details whenever you want by clicking on the Edit icon under the Action column. You can also delete the bonus anytime by hitting that tiny dustbin icon alongside.

That’s really all it takes to add a bonus to a product in CartFog. Easy-peasy, innit? So, go ahead, make your customers’ day and tell them that you really care for them. Their trust in your brand and satisfaction with your product is just an added bonus (oh, pun!).