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Customizing your Order Pages using Checkout Designer


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Why, yes, of course you can create a checkout page that’s in tune with your brand! After all, a distinguished purchase experience is every seller’s priority numero uno. From inserting your brand’s logo and purchase terms and conditions, to changing background colours, fonts and more, CartFog allows you to transform the checkout page as per your business’ tone and your brand’s needs.

The process of changing the default Checkout page (as shown above) starts from choosing Designer from the purple tab on your Sales Dashboard. Let’s alter the face of the checkout page of our PDF product – 101 Tips to Lose Weight.

This will take you to the Checkout Designer screen, where you’ll see five different tabs – Themes, Settings, Terms, Additional Info, and Design. Let’s take them one by one!

Friendly suggestion… Keep a checkout page open in another tab of your browser to track the changes you’re making real-time. Simply refresh the page and the alterations will become visible right away!


As you can see in the screenshot above, our flagship theme Avian is the only available theme for Checkout pages right now. While we’re tirelessly working on adding more options, let’s customize this one completely as per our requirement.

Once we add new themes to the section, simply hit the green Active button to disable or enable a theme.


The Settings section lets you display a handful of features that enhance the trust of your customer in you. For instance:

- You can upload your logo in the Checkout Logo section.
- Display a coupon field if you’ve offered coupon codes on the product, or enable the Hide Coupon toggle to omit the field.
- Enable the Display Support Section, Display Security Seals, and Display Guarantee Text toggles to further enhance your customers’ trust in your brand.
- The Checkout Guarantee Term drop down menu lets you display a refund guarantee period that will be displayed on the Guarantee Terms seal.
- Furthermore, Current Language lets you select a translation that displays your Checkout page in a language of your choice.

Lastly, if you’re using Google Analytics, Facebook’s Conversion Tracking Pixel, or any other tracking tool, copy-paste the tracking code in the Tracking Code box. Soon, your analytics dashboard will start displaying all the details of user activity happening on your product’s sales page.

Hit Save, and switch tabs to go to Terms.


Make your customer’s purchase more authentic by including basic Terms and Conditions text that clarifies the rules and expressions for that particular purchase.

Just make sure to enable the Display Terms & Conditions toggle before you hit Save!

Additional Info

Got anything else to add to the information regarding your product for your customer? Tell them here, in this field.


Now comes the fun part! Easily customize stuff like the font color and style, order button color, background color, and details on the Thank You page that comes later, after the customer has clicked on Checkout.

Keep changing details here, and keep refreshing the Checkout page on another browser tab to check the changes real-time.

Now – wanna see how we changed ours and made it more vibrant and detailed? Exhibit A:

This is it! So, go ahead - start playing around with the features of the Designer, and find the sweet spot that gives your customers a checkout experience they’d keep coming back for.