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Written by Veethi Telang

Setting Up Your Own Affiliate Center


Wouldn’t it be glorious to have a dedicated portal where you could invite affiliates to sign up and start promoting your army of products for you? Creating your own affiliate center is just the way to go.

Just keep a custom domain handy, and that’s pretty much all we need from your side.

Look at what Kylie, one of our thousands of star entrepreneurs, did for her online business. Her beautiful affiliate center is hosted on AllyHut, while she invests her time doing things that matter – like, we don’t know, bringing in more affiliates?

A dedicated affiliate center for your business’ miraculous growth is just the dream. #Sigh

But… (and we’ve already discussed this before), self-hosting a portal, high costs, and technical hassles are just three of the many issues, should you take matters in your own hands. And that, is where you trust AllyHut to hand over to you complete control of data, whilst taking away all your tech and cost worries.

In AllyHut, setting up your own affiliate center is a mere 3-step process:

STEP 1 Map Your Domain

Brand Your Affiliate Portal


Edit Email Templates

Let’s walk you through the steps one by one.

Step 1: Map Your Domain

In order for your product to immediately start showing to your affiliates inside their account on your affiliate portal, you’ll need to connect AllyHut to your domain.

So, let’s get to the Domain Mapping screen by selecting it from the Sellers drop-down tab on AllyHut’s home screen here:

Clicked? Here we are on the Domain Mapping screen:

Let’s enter our affiliate portal’s domain in this field:

Hit on the big, green Verify & Save button, and done!

Hey-yo! In case you haven’t created a CNAME record for your affiliate portal in your domain settings, do it right away or you won’t be able to proceed with the mapping. It should take up to 24 hours for the DNS to propagate changes on the Internet. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to Verify and Save your domain here, and successfully map it to AllyHut instantly.

Now that our domain is mapped, let’s check out what our default affiliate portal looks like on


Ta-da! There’s the login field that your affiliates will log into, and new ones can register too! And, yes, this pretty woman along with Invanto’s logo can go away if you want. Let’s take to Step 2 to make that happen.

Step 2: Brand your Affiliate Portal

With the domain already mapped, now, we start designing our portal, our way. Here, we’ll add details about our company along with some media for our affiliates to see.

So, from the same Sellers drop-down menu, this time, select Portal Branding instead of choosing Domain Mapping.

And, off we go to the Portal Branding screen that looks like this:

- Add your Company Name and Company Email in the first two mandatory fields.

- Welcome your affiliates with a nice Welcome Message that tells them how exciting and beneficial this association is for both parties. Or, you could also just say “Howdy” and move on. No pressure.

- The User Discussion toggle lets your affiliates start a discussion with each other. Keep it disabled if you don’t want any tête-à-tête on your portal.

- Moving on to the media fields on the right hand side, we have Logo (that replaces Invanto’s logo on the top of your portal screen), Background Image (to make the default woman with the headphones on the homepage go away), and Welcome Video (to show your affiliates around).

All three of these fields are optional, but well, don’t be lazy there. Upload your own stuff to show your affiliates that you’re a legitimate person who owns a legitimate business! Hmph.

- The last set of fields – Google Site Key and Google Secret Key – lets you enable ReCAPTCHA on your affiliate registration form. You know, when they’re putting in their details to sign up on your portal, this ReCAPTCHA setting will ensure that no robots can get in.

Click here to get the keys for your site, and get enabling!

So, we put in all details pertaining to our cookery brand, along with a nice welcome message and an example YouTube welcome video:

Hit Save, and that’s Step 2 – in the bag.

Step 3: Edit Email Templates

So far, we’ve linked AllyHut to our custom domain, and made cosmetic changes to our portal. The last step of your affiliate center setup is to edit the default emails that you affiliates will receive each time they make a commission or are updated about their withdrawal status.

Either use the templates that we’ve already provided to you, or make changes as per the communication that suits your brand best. To get started with the editing, select Email Templates from the Sellers drop-down menu on your AllyHut screen.

You’ll reach the Email Templates screen, which looks like this:



All you’ve got to do is tweak them as per your whim, and just hit Save.

And now, for the moment we’ve all been waiting for… How does it all look like on the frontend?

Let’s revisit our affiliate portal link, and see the customizations for real!


Affiliate registration form:

How cool does this look? Just for test purposes, we had Superman sign up as an affiliate (nope, we couldn’t resist!). Here’s what he gets to see after signing up here and logging into his account.

Upon clicking on the Offers button on the bright green tab on top of this screen, Clark will see the product that we created in AllyHut in the previous tutorial.

Told ya! As soon as the product is created and enabled in your AllyHut product settings, your affiliates will start seeing it here in their account. All they have to do is Click on Get Link, and they’ll immediately start showing under your affiliates list.

Let’s do that as the final step:

Clark will now use this promotional link on his desired portals to send traffic to our Italian Cooking Masterclass course, and make sales for us. The more sales he makes, the more commission he earns!

What the Affiliates button alongside Offers does, we’ll cover in our upcoming tutorials. For now, get going on customizing your very own affiliate portal, and lay the brass tacks to a spectacularly successful affiliate network.