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Written by Veethi Telang

What is AllyHut?

Ordinary product owners market their stuff themselves. Smart product owners have others market it for them. The question is, what kind are you – a normie or a smart cookie?

That’s what discerning product owners do - they simply create an irresistible product, and let others (their affiliates) market it for them. We call it the smart approach – where you build, manage, and grow your affiliate empire like never before, and diversify the promotion of your products the smart way.

Having affiliates to make your product shine to thousands in their own network immediately puts your brand in the “trusted” category. After all, why would your affiliates choose to promote your product over a million others?

Now, ordinarily, there are two ways to venture into the universe of affiliate marketing:

A) You sign up on a giant affiliate network platform like,, or, and put your product up for their affiliate base to pick up for promotion.

B) You create your own self-hosted affiliate portal, and make efforts to invite as many affiliates as you can to promote your product.

Needless to say, there are pros and cons to both these methods, which we’ve handsomely listed down here:

Hmm, now, if only there was a platform that let you reap all the benefits of the pros above, whilst omitting the cons…

Welcome to AllyHut – where the world of affiliate networking is at your fingertips.

Enjoy the best of both your own private affiliate portal, as well as Invanto’s very own affiliate network here.

Once you create a product in AllyHut, you can both present your products to the ever-growing base of Invanto users, and invite people to market your product for you from your unique affiliate portal. Without any technical hassles at all!

Think about it – thousands of potential affiliates pick your products to promote without charging you a dime. How absolutely cool is that?

This means that you save up to a whopping 90% on marketing costs. Anyone who picks your product to promote will just charge you for a commission each time a sale is made through them. No risk, no extra costs – just profit.

Top features of AllyHut

  1. Create commissions for your affiliates: Choose between flat and percentage referral rates on a global or per-product basis. Set a commission for each course and product separately, or a global commission that applies to all your products.
  2. Build your own affiliate center: Connect with your affiliates and make your products available through your own affiliate center hosted on your own domain. Customize the center with your own logo, a nice welcome message and a video to greet your affiliates and tell them why they should promote your product.
  3. Integrations: AllyHut works seamlessly with your existing membership sites on MemberFactory, online schools on CoachRack, and products in CartFog. Integrate AllyHut with them all, and start building an affiliate network to promote them individually or all at once.
  4. Track orders: Check the commission history stats for a given product or offer in 6 different currencies! See the total number of affiliates, commissions and sales generated by this product for the whole year. You’ll also get a list of your top-performing affiliates to drive even more sales to your other products.
  5. Effortless withdrawals: Conveniently credit sales to first or last affiliates, and allow them to easily withdraw their commissions – after your refund guarantee is over or before.
  6. Seller ratings: Use our awesome feedback system to leave reviews for sellers and products, and ensure that you as well as your own affiliates are paid well in time.

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