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Written by Veethi Telang

How to View Your Offers & Earnings as an Affiliate


Assuming that you’ve started promoting others’ offers on AllyHut, your overall income as an affiliate is just shy of shooting up. And, when that happens, how do you view it and make the necessary withdrawals? Let’s find out in this easy-peasy tutorial.

In order to view your offers and earnings as an affiliate in AllyHut, you’ll need to choose Affiliates from the AllyHut main screen. Here it is:

While the My Offers option lets you view the offers that you’ve chosen to promote, the My Earnings button shows an account of the commissions you’ve made for each of them in a descriptive manner.


To give you an example, let’s click on My Offers and see what turns up on our screen.

There you go – we decided to go ahead with these two current ongoing offers to promote.

Now, for the purpose of this tutorial, let’s assume that we made a sale for Curso de Videos Animados. How do we see the details of it – the earnings made and the pending withdrawals?



Click on My Earnings under the same Affiliates button on the main AllyHut screen.

This, will take you to a detailed account of all your earnings for offers you’ve promoted so far.

Well, what do you know! Looks like we made $1 as commission for promoting Kamil Wolniak’s product. Weeeee!

See those two items under Options in the screenshot above? Earnings will show you an elaborate account of your earnings on promoting that particular product, whereas, Withdrawals will let you withdraw the commission into your account. Let’s take them one by one by clicking on each.

And, so, we click on the Earnings button, and see this:

This, represents all your earning details from promoting the product of this particular seller.

  • Total Withdrawals tells you how much money you’ve withdrawn so far.
  • Pending Withdrawals, of course, shows the amount that you’ve requested, but hasn’t yet been acknowledged or paid by the seller.
  • Net Withdrawable Amount: Shows the total amount of funds that are available for you to withdraw.
  • Available for Withdrawals is the limit up to which you can withdraw funds at one time.

So far, it looks like we can very well withdraw the $1 that we proudly earned, hmph! So, let’s go back to My Earnings, and this time, click on the Withdrawals button.

With this, we reach the My Withdrawals screen that looks like this:

Hmmm… more or less like the Earnings screen, only this time, you can see that green Withdraw button at the top right corner. Once you go through with the withdrawal, the Withdrawal History panel at the bottom will populate right away!

So, without further ado, let’s click on Withdraw, shall we? Clicking on it will open this pop up:

Here, you can add your Requested Amount, Select Payment Method, and even add a note alongwith, sharing your PayPal ID or bank details through which the product seller would be able to make the payment.

Hit Save and now, you wait.

So, that, is how you view and manage your offers and earnings as an affiliate. It’s literally this simple and fun!

So, get promoting on the offers that resonate with your own brand and that you think your own user base would readily jump on, and raise your income levels higher.