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Written by Veethi Telang

How Can I Get My Product Approved for the Invanto Marketplace

Adding product upon product to AllyHut, but none of them are showing up on under Offers for other affiliates in the Invanto marketplace to promote? Clearly, you’re missing a detail here and there.

Treat the following as the ultimate checklist while adding your product. If your product complies with the following, there’s no reason for it to not appear in our affiliate marketplace:

  1. A Proper Name and Description: Does your product have a proper name and a detailed description? Ensure that it does.
  2. Product Image: Make sure you’ve added a product image. Products without an image will not be accepted for our marketplace.
  3. A Valid Offer URL: Is the offer URL that you put up while adding your product fully functional? If it isn’t, check that the link that you enter works and contains the products that your affiliates are supposed to promote.
  4. High Quality product (for MemberFactory Sites, CoachRack Schools, and CartFog products): It makes no sense for you to enter your MemberFactory site’s login page as the Offer URL because we’d have no way of knowing what lies behind it. Or, a below-average CoachRack school with no redeeming qualities. In other words, it’s advisable that you put up a sales page for the product so that our affiliate network knows what they’re going to be promoting. Keep in mind though; we only approve products that meet a certain quality of standards, and if yours doesn’t, we can’t assure its approval.

All said and done, we want our affiliates to promote only the best of products via our marketplace. So, make sure that your product stands out in a pool and is something that displays above par standards.

NOTE: If your product is not approved for our marketplace, it will still appear inside your affiliate center. Your affiliates can still pick your product for promotion from inside your affiliate center.