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Written by Veethi Telang

Managing Your Product in AllyHut


Alter the details of your product. Prettify it further. And, most importantly, track its sales by your affiliates at any given point of time. In AllyHut, all of this can be done in a jiffy.

Now, you’ve already added a product in the AllyHut system, and even set up your own dedicated affiliate portal. In order to start tracking its movements, all you’ve got to do is access it!

Let’s go to our recently-created product on Bruce Wayne’s Italian cooking course – “Earn a 30% Commission on Italian Cooking Masterclass (1000+ Students).

STEP 1:  Click on Sellers from the AllyHut main screen, and select My Products.

This will take you to all the products you’ve added to AllyHut so far. Ours is right here, so, we’ll click on Manage to get inside:

With that, we’ve entered this product’s dashboard:

This impressive screen comprises of four tabs – Dashboard, Details, Images, and Total Sales. Let’s cover them one by one!


Along with the Commission Dashboard that will list all the commissions we’ve made to our affiliates for this product, the Dashboard screen also displays a Quick Stats section towards the right.

Notice the Top Affiliates section at the bottom right? This field enlists the names of the best performing affiliates for this particular product. In other words, the affiliates who’ve made the most number of sales in your network.

This tab may look empty right now, but once your product starts making sales through affiliates, you won’t be able to stop refreshing it! #JustSaying


All the details you put in while adding your product to the AllyHut system are here on display. Want to tweak the offer? Change the description? Alter payment settings? Do it all from here and just hit Save!


The images tab lets you put up an attractive picture to distinguish products from one another – both in your collection of products, as well as for the affiliates in Invanto’s network. Once you upload one here, the thumbnail of this product will immediately start showing on your product.

Psst… uploading a product image is kinda sorta mandatory for you. Products without images won't be approved for our marketplace. Kay?

So, yeah, we’ve uploaded one to ensure approval, and now we move on to the last tab – Total Sales.

Total Sales

This tab displays numbers that your affiliates have brought in from their efforts.

  • Product displays the name of the product being sold.
  • Course displays the name of the course being sold, if sale was recorded on your CoachRack site.
  • Date shows the date on which the affiliate sale was made for the product.
  • Receipt displays a unique order number for every sale.
  • Amount, of course, shows the amount at which the product was sold.
  • Commission displays the amount of commission the affiliate earned for referring the product.
Hey, just to let you know…
The Sales tab in AllyHut shows ONLY those sales which were referred by your affiliates, and not the total sales of the product. For example, the overall sales of our course on "Italian Cooking Masterclass" will be tracked on CoachRack’s dashboard where this course was uploaded, and not here.

That’ll be all in this tutorial! Now that you know how to alter the details of your product in AllyHut, keep trying and testing out different offers over time to see which one gets you the most amount of sales.